I receive great questions from my animal communication students from around the world, including this one:

Dear Maia

I would dearly like to see photos of the animal in question where possible, on the forum, at least for me the visual gives me a better connect than trying to filter the images.

For instance this one cat I was talking to’s face kept changing. Then I remembered you said they have a different image of what they look like, so I relaxed. But I would also be so glad to see who we re trying to help!

Dear …, I appreciate your suggestion. The use of photos may seem to facilitate communication and confidence in you and other communicators that they are indeed talking with the right animal.

However, in listening to the animals of my past, who trained me in my animal communication. They put priority on getting to know who they were, first and foremost, over getting to know what they look like. Assumptions can be made based on what an animal looks like in person, or in a photo, and these assumptions could prove to be untrue. It is similar to how we may look at a person in our community and make assumptions about who they are, based on what we see with our eyes. Later when we actually engage with them in 2-way communication we often find our assumptions were untrue.

In the case of animals it works the same, we can see a photo or hear they are a certain breed and create a whole story around that which can be entirely untrue. It takes training and many communications to really get the distinction of how to know what we know and be with our beliefs, assumptions and experiences and at the same time be totally open to embrace each new animal (or person) for who they are. Having photos can give the mind comfort in the idea that it is thinking it is talking with this black Labrador for instance. But, having a photo as a tool can actually stand in the way of talking with a dog, and getting who that dog really is, apart from being a black Labrador. For instance, getting to know the true personality of the dog.

We can be talking with an animal telepathically who is very lively and engaging with us and full of life. In talking with this animal we really get to know who the animal is and truly hear from him or her about their life, how they are doing, what would make them more content or feel better and their preferences on activities and foods and so on. We can easily do all this by dialoging back and forth with the animal just as we would with a fellow human talking with them over the telephone. Getting to know the animal via simply talking with him or her can inform us that this animal is very much alive and enjoying his or her life. In the case of an animal who has been diagnosed with an illness we can talk with the animal about the illness but we can also learn from the animal how they feel, how they look at the idea of having an illness and how they would like to proceed. Animals can provide surprising ideas and comments on their condition and prognosis. Instead of looking at the animal from the outside to learn about how to proceed we talk with the animal directly and hear from them on all the levels, for instance how they are doing emotionally, physically and even spiritually with regard to the situation.

We can share what we learn with their person which can be valuable to them in questions about the animals level of comfort and desire to continue on or to be euthanized. Whereas if we see a photo of the animal and they look really old and thin and stiff and sore we can instantly have other ideas which may not at all be true and could lead to a short life when that is not what they want.

I have had numerous cases where I could have easily had a different impression than the truth if I had relied on a photo or relied on seeing the animal in person as any kind of tool into talking with them. It is not to say you cannot effectively do a communication when you are there with the animal or you happen to see a photo. Of course you can, but there is a distinction between enjoying a photo or the physical presence of an animal verses using a photo or their physical presence as a tool.

An important part of the work of an animal communicator is to be able and willing to set aside ones own beliefs, ideas, and assumptions in order to truly hear what an animal has to say. This is true of human to human communication as well where it is common for us to be in our own world of beliefs and filter everything we hear or think we hear based on our own beliefs instead of truly listening to another’s way of seeing life. So, as professional Animal Communicators we want to clearly distinguish our voice, ideas and opinions from that of the animal. One of the biggest misconceptions is that animals see things the way we do. Their experience and understandings are totally different in many cases and that is understood more and more as one talks with one animal after another over the years.

Back to the topic of to use a photo or not, one case in particular which comes to mind was an old cat I talked with telepathically with no photo provided because I don’t use photos. His person had a concern he was suffering in some way and worried he should be put to sleep. She was receiving many comments from family members and friends and even neighbors telling her to put her cat to sleep. She didn’t want him to suffer in any way of course but had not up to that point been able to bring herself to put him to sleep. She hired me to talk with him. His name was Sport. When I said hello to Sport I did so from my office which was in the same town where Sport and his person lived. I had never seen him in person and there was no plan to see him or see a photo. I said hello to him and I was immediately impressed with his spunkiness and his sense of humor as he said hello back to me. He was uplifting and energizing to talk with. I found myself eager to hear what he would say next. I asked him all the questions his person wanted me to ask him and some additional ones as well and as usual I asked him to share anything he would like his person to know.

The first thing he said when I asked what he would like his person to know was that it was true he was old and crusty but he was doing just fine and wanted to go on with his life and be left alone. He wanted his woman to stop listening to people telling her what to do with her cat and stop worrying and get back to living. I talked with him telepathically and then it just so happened I was invited to come by their home and meet him in person. When I saw him in person I was amazed at how thin and scraggly and fragile he looked but he quickly reminded me of our previous conversation and how tough he was and independent. By now after my communication with Sport his Woman was feeling much relief in knowing he was doing well and that there was reason she had resisted taking action from the pressure she was receiving. When I had shared what he had said it totally resonated with her and brought her to a place of ease and joy because she knew she was following through with what her cat had been requesting. It made her feel good to know this and she was able to settle down and enjoy being with him and not worry so much.

It was just in my early days of my career that I had to be careful about not getting lost in what they looked like. I would close my eyes sometimes when I worked with them in person so I could really focus on hearing them as opposed to looking at them and coming up with my own ideas or assumptions about them. When we hear them we hear them without our ideas and of course that is what we are here to do is to hear them, not us.

So, I actually suggest you go without photos so you really develop comfort in getting to know the animals without seeing what they look like. You do great in class on a regular basis and you do this all the time with people when you meet them on the phone. It is not new for you.

You can totally work with animals in person and ultimately if you want to work with photos you can but I suggest you consider developing yourself without them. If you do choose to have the use of photos be a part of the way you work you will believe you need them and it could be a limitation in some ways. It is really freeing to be able to communicate with an animal under any circumstance at any time simply by saying hello.

Once you fully accept you don’t have photos you will feel very comfortable without them. Let me know if you have any additional thoughts or questions on this.

I encourage you to continue to ask these great questions, and I want to say that one day it won’t even occur to you the possibility you have the wrong animal or that you aren’t connected etc. As you go along these concerns and questions will just disappear and you will simply be talking with whichever animal you desire to talk with in that moment. Animals have so few opportunities to talk they will jump at the chance. You are doing great!

Thanks again,

With gratitude & love,

Dear Maia

Thank you for this amazing email and the invaluable insight.  You re totally right!! It never occurred to me this way. So much to learn and keep learning !!
You re absolutely right…. and this is incredible advice , lesson for me to learn from.
But as you pointed out , I end up seeing things like a movie in my head so sometimes I get lost and flustered and need to SEE as opposed to hear. Which is really what I need to work on ….

Is it really this simple ?? One of my strays, in fact, chai s son biskut , disappeared for three days , never there for morning or evening feeds. His pack , the ones who chase chai away and won’t accept her, came and never missed a meal. My old cat lady was in a panic and made us all search for him in the well nearby, etc in case he was hurt. I tried to connect but got only that he was busy elsewhere and not hurting or in pain or lost or passed. Very very brief. I kept asking the pack and they only looked and shrugged , as of to say, what do we know where the boss is ?
And then I told the cat lady, why don’t you pray to at Anthony, patron saint of lost things. He has always answered every prayer of mine for any lost animal. I prayed too.
And biskut is back this morning!!!
The communication with biskut was very brief and very simple. He didn’t want to engage. He seemed to be on an adventure.so I didn’t feel apprehensive.
Can it be so quick and simple ??

Thank you for the teaching, I understand and will work on this.
Love and much gratitude


You are welcome, and yes it is that simple!!! You don’t need a photo, in order to talk with an animal. You don’t even need to see any images in your mind, but if you do just let them be. Look to them lightly as with anything else that occurs to you as you talk with the animal. There is no need, nor is it helpful using photos to talk with an animal. We talk with fellow humans on the phone all the time who we have never seen before and we do just fine communicating with them without any photos of them or holding an image in our mind. And, we can really see thinking about the human analogy here how focusing on an image as we are talking with someone can actually distract us from our dialog. And, as mentioned before having a photo can cause one to have assumptions about who the animal is which may not be true.

When I was getting started with my animal communication I never used photos but I would try to focus on the animal and eventually I saw how unnecessary it was. For instance it is like we are continually calling the animal because we are insecure about whether they are really there or not and our volume is turned down so we keep calling and calling. Meanwhile the animal is saying: “I’M HERE just talk to me, you don’t have to do all that stuff.”

Telepathic Animal Communication is Effortless. There is no work to be done, just be attentive like you would be with a child or with a conversation with someone who is important to you. Simply be present and attentive.

Whatever you learn from the animal simply verify back with them. For instance, you can say: “I think I heard you say…, is that correct? Tell me more.

You don’t need an image in your mind, or a photo, in order to talk with an animal. We don’t need to focus on anything or send a message. The animals are so responsive to us and so eager to communicate they are just waiting to have the chance to talk and they talk with us just like how it is conversing with a fellow human.

Good job with your communication with Biskut!

…, thank you for the difference you are making through your animal communication!

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