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I love the interesting conversations I have. This week I communicated telepathically with a person said to be deeply autistic. I have never met this man in person in fact he lives in a different state in the U.S. It really doesn’t matter where a person (or an animal) is located around the world there is no limit to communication! Over the years I have talked with a number of adults and children with this diagnosis. I always learn so much and truly enjoy meeting these remarkable individuals. Here’s how this conversation came about:

I received an email last week from a client I worked with back in 1998 through 2008 talking with his three dogs until after the last one passed on. He thanked me again for all the conversations I had with his dogs over the years and how helpful it was to him and them. Then my client went on to share that he was working with some very special individuals and had a concern about a particular man in his care. He asked if I would talk with the man in hopes to learn how the man was doing, what would make him content and feel safe, and for the purpose of knowing if the man was in pain or suffering in any way.

I sat down to talk with this man yesterday. I said hello to him telepathically in my head and began to dialog with him back and forth meanwhile typing my notes so I could send them by email (if he agreed it was OK to share). I was struck by his eagerness to talk. It was as if he was refreshed at the idea he could at last share with someone exactly what he wished to say. His energy, joy and enthusiasm blossomed as we chatted back and forth over the period of an hour. I actually had numerous interruptions as my cats asked for things, my assistant had a question, I remembered I needed to make a phone call or send off an email. He patiently waited and warmheartedly laughed at what came up in my realm which I took care of and then promptly returned to where we had left off. I could feel his joy and enthusiasm at having the opportunity to talk. (It occurred to me to be similar to the experience I have talking with animals and people I meet who rarely have a chance to be heard.) They feel so fulfilled, filled, at peace and joyous being known and heard!

By the way he is delighted to have me share about my experience (otherwise it would remain private) as he believes it will be helpful to those who have this condition and those who are family, friends and staff, doctors, etc working with them.

As he and I began to talk I typed what he said and how he said it for instance with some responses to my questions he would reply with capital letters and exclamation marks, like this: YES!!! other times he would reply with yes, or Yes.. With the communication (similar to telepathic communication with animals) I could experience exactly what he wished to convey because he said it in actual words, phrases, sentences and even paragraphs.

Similar to talking with animals if there was any question about anything he said I simply asked him to if I heard him correctly. If I experienced any confusion understanding what he said I simply asked him to share more about it. The reason I continually reference talking with animals is that this site is about telepathic communication with animals. And, being able to converse back and forth with animals and check back to see if we heard them right or ask them to tell us more is something we do all the time in animal communication and makes everything crystal clear. There is nothing to figure out or interpret because we are not in any way reading them, on the contrary, we are communicating with them! It is important to note we humans are animals too and we can communicate with humans telepathically too. In cases where it appears a person cannot communicate telepathic communication can be absolutely invaluable.

One of the first things he shared with me was the name he was being called was not his real name. He said it was OK but he did not particularly like it nor did he chose it. I asked him what he would like to be called and he very quickly and clearly shared the name. (I will not share it here to protect his privacy.) The name he shared he said was a name his mother wanted to name him before he was born but somehow he ended up being called a different name going forward after his birth. The names were similar but not the same. He didn’t like the sound of the name he was being called throughout his life. When I began to call him the name he chose (the one his mom had also chosen for him but got changed) he was so excited! He opened up even more then and shared many things about his life. He shared how when he was born he felt very special. He had a sense of knowing that he had a brilliant mind. He said he was a genius. He was a very gentle, sensitive boy and very curious and creative. His exuberance grew as he enlightened me on who he really was and what he loved to do. His joy was contagious, I could feel a smile on my face as I talked with him and I also was inspired by his creativity. I also noticed he felt really sure of himself and also that he liked himself. There was no element of self judgement or doubt I experience with myself and with other humans. He wasn’t arrogant or boastful in any way either. He occurred to me to be very genuine and also without ego. He was simply sharing authentically his delight in what he found possible to accomplish and do. This is what he shared from his birth and very early days of his life.

Then he began to share words, phrases, sentences and paragraphs of a new reality. The words were UPSET, something is WRONG, failure, Stress, DISAPPOINTMENT…. and so on. He said he felt like a REJECT, he said I HURT, I Suffer, I make others suffer. With the words came sadness, regret and Upset. He felt sad! These were the words to define his parents experience learning their son was different. It was a shock to them and their reaction was a shock to him.

I am going to call him George! Here he was so delighted to be born and to have a brilliant mind. He was happy in his world, all was good! But for the people who joyously welcomed him into their life the world was crashing down. And, it was all about him. They loved their son and now were so worried for him, so upset and disappointed in how things were turning out. George shared with me that the people around him thought they failed the world in some way, they thought they let George down. They were disappointed and he felt like a disappointment, like an upset, a stress, a worry, a failure…. Being with his experience I was touched. I was just there. I asked if I could just be with him. We were quiet for just a moment.

What amazed me was in just being there he suddenly said: I feel better! I said, Really? He said Yes, I am happy now! I am loved! I am cared for.. I’m away from the upset, the anger, the anguish, Whew! I feel good!

Then he went on to share what he liked and what he wanted to do. He LOVED the idea of people calling him his chosen name. He wanted to do art, he said: I AM AN ARTIST! He said: I AM A MATHEMATICIAN! He said he wants to do math and solve problems. He asked for particular art supplies and that they be positioned in particular ways. For instance, paper on an easel or flip pad as opposed to being placed flat on the floor or on a table. He asked for some toys and items to be able to build and make things, even legos.

He said he was like a boy in a mans body and he did not know what to do about being a man. He felt like being a boy and he liked that. He shared that he would like to have some work to do there where he lives. When I asked him to tell me more he said he would like to design a garden with lots of BUGS and Flowers and plants and trees. Then he said it was OK for some BIG art papers to be placed flat on the floor or laying flat on the table too (besides standing up vertical on an easel of flip pad.) He said he needed the papers like this so he could make his design. I asked him if there was a garden there already. He said yes, but it was not alive with BUGS, Flowers, trees etc. He showed me his (future) garden was very active with life and people loved to experience it and felt ALIVE being there.

He shared that he felt safe where he was, that he liked the people and knew they cared about him. His one request was that they treat him even more as a normal person that DOES NOT NEED TO BE FIXED. He said they do a great job where he is for the most part but they can go even farther in being with him as they would any other person ~ normal ~. He also liked the idea of them discovering who he really is with his brilliant genius mind, and gentle sweet, kind nature. He said he wants to be accepted and appreciated for who he is.

Later on in the day he shared with me that he loved his parents and he forgave them for the ideas he took on as a child when they were dealing with the upset knowing he was different. He loves them and he knows they love him. He said he understands but he still hurt though.

I asked George if I could share my notes with the client who had asked me to talk with him. He said please do! George also asked me to share with other people to bring awareness and potentially help those who suffer in the way he and his parents and other family members have suffered. He asked me to make a point that when situations like this suddenly impact families there is no preparation so it really comes down to everyone doing whatever they do in the moment. He says there is nothing to feel bad about from the past and everything to forgive, and understand going forward. His understanding of what his parents were dealing with and that essentially they were suffering over him because he was so precious to them. Meanwhile, he was suffering mostly from their reaction to the news and figuring out where to go from there, because otherwise his world, his life was good. (George says he is still working on forgiveness and he suggests it is something I too can work on, and he recommends it for all people to forgiven ourselves from within and to have it in our heart to challenge ourselves to forgive others.)

I asked George if I could talk with him again, he said YES!!! I plan to talk with him in the future.

I want to say I am not a psychologist or psychiatrist – I’m a telepathic communicator. (I was a case manager with at-risk teenagers for six years many years ago.) My objective was to simply have a conversation with George to give him the opportunity to speak and perhaps through this information his caretakers would have more ideas and understanding of his needs. Ultimately, the goal all around was to know how he is doing in his world, what he would like, and what would bring him more joy, ease and fulfillment in his life.

(This is my objective in talking with animals too!)

Thank you for joining me today!



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