I received an email from a wonderful friend, animal communicator and animal advocate. She was sharing that her dog made the point that it takes two to communicate.
This is my response to the beautiful words she shared and a little bit about how I experience and share telepathic animal communication.
I totally agree with what you heard from your dog about it taking two to communicate. In fact there is a lot of confusion amongst human beings about how telepathic animal communication actually works and this confusion really gets in the way of effectively talking with animals. For instance, people talk a lot about doing “readings” and talk about “reading an animal”. Instead of having straightforward 2-way conversations back and forth with them (just like we do with people) they say they are doing readings of the animals. When I think of a reading I think of the animal being “read” which is not a two-way conversation. The animal is inactive basically sitting there being read and awaiting to hear what the “reader” has to say. The idea of “reading” an animal has no resemblance of telepathic animal communication from my experience.
Back to what you said about animal communication taking two, another point on that is the truth that we humans like to be in charge. We can become so involved in trying to control how “we” do the communication that it becomes all about us and we are not engaging in communication at all and instead projecting or “reading’ the animal.
The bottom line I believe and what I have experienced is that the animals really really really love to be in charge, in fact they love to run our lives and I will be the first to say they run mine and I am happy for it! When we let the animals manage the communication it can be effortless and we simply enjoy the amazing things they share with us and this gives us the delightful opportunity to ask them any questions we like at any time. They are wonderful counselors on life and living. I think of them as enlightened beings and learn so so much from them on all aspects of living.
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