Partner with me in crafting a new world, a world living in harmony with Nature!

One of my favorite classes to lead is the yearlong Nature Communication Mentoring/Certification Program! If you would like to learn more about this program click here: Learn More
One of the reasons I LOVE this program is that we do so many cool things. For instance, we travel remotely to many locations around the world and experience them deeply and we do activities to make a difference in those places. We have even traveled to far out places like the International Space Station! In our class meetings (accessible worldwide) we talk with many species of animals living in the wild and in captivity, from students pet birds, dogs, cats, and horses to whales, elephants, dolphins, big cats and wolves to name just a few. We talk with many species of plants, including many trees. We talk with insects too. Of course we talk with our planet, Mother Earth! I always feel inspired by what I learn from my students conversations with animals, plants, insects and the Earth as well as my own dialogs with beings of Nature.
Today in class we talked with some Oak Trees at the request of a friend of one of the students in class. The friend had recently purchased a beautiful parcel of land which has numerous grand Oak Trees. Unfortunately the trees have begun to suffer the loss of their crowns by a particular caterpillar. We talked with the trees to get to know them and hear how they are doing and how we may be of assistance with the situation they are dealing with. We also talked with the caterpillars. Our conversations back and forth with the trees and the caterpillars had us understand the situation more clearly and also we learned of some possible solutions. The caterpillars had no thought of leaving the trees so they were not so cooperative, but at least we know where they stand! The trees shared that although they appeared to be majestic they had been declining in their immune systems for a number of years and the caterpillars were merely maximizing on the opportunity to feed on them and the trees were at the mercy of the caterpillars. The trees having low immune function were especially attractive to the caterpillars – much more so than a tree with a strong immune system. What could be done? We asked the trees. First, they shared that they believed they would pull through this and appreciated their new human steward of the land with his appreciation for their beauty and strength. Next they shared a list of things which the man could put into place or do which would help them restore their vitality. A part of that was for our team of communicators to take some steps over the next week to assist in this process even though we do not live near where the trees live. Our communication has no limits.
Along with talking with the Oak Trees and Caterpillars in class we also talked with Water, that is all the Water on the planet! We learned about “being in the flow”, trusting life, asking for help, and in particular we asked Water if it was possible to clean or restore all the water (even in our beings) on the planet. We heard a resounding YES!!! Then of course we asked how! We learned about raising the frequency of water and having and some exercises we will put in place this week along with our Nature conversations. I thought I would share our mission this week.
Oops! I forgot! We also talked with some Orca’s in the northwest of the US, specifically the San Juan Islands. We do a lot of communication during class! OK, here are the notes, feel free to join us! Also if you would like to join a class session as my guest simply email with this in subject line: Request to be guest for NATURE Communication Certification class session: More info

For this next week we agreed to do communication and healing/Being of Service for: Water, the Oak Trees, the Caterpillars, Orca’s in the NW & how about all Orcas?, and Bee’s & Bumble Bees!

Here’s a way we can approach this:
1. Pause for a moment.
2. Next simply imagine creating a bubble of love & light to surround you and your loved ones.
3. Next, expand your bubble to include all of Nature. Imagine all beings surrounded and blessed with love, respect and gratitude. What would it be like if all humans were of this way of being and understanding? Allow yourself to imagine this and feel how wonderful and powerful this is.
What would it be like if all animals, plants, insects and the Earth itself were loved, respected and cherished by all?
Allow yourself to be with this reality and enjoy it. Notice what it is like, experience it.
We are crafting a new world for this reality to exist!
4. Invite the water of the planet, including the water in all beings into the bubble of love & light. Enjoy thinking of how water travels and how water brings love, light, respect and peacefulness wherever it goes. What if Water, and what Water so uniquely brings, is welcomed with open loving arms from all human beings because all human beings are aware of the preciousness of Water?
5. Invite the Orca around the planet to rejoice in swimming in the Water magnetized by love, gratitude and respect ( How about if we include the dolphins, whales, and all fishes, all species in the oceans, rivers, streams, creeks, puddles & ponds?!). Enjoy experiencing all the Orca (and all the species!) swimming in a sea of love, gratitude and respect, cherished by all!
6. Invite the Oak Trees. How about all Oak Trees? How about ALL trees?! to join you. Imagine all trees on the planet being fed by health-giving, loved and cherished Water. The trees are watered with love, gratitude and respect and cherished by all! (How about if we include ALL the plants!)
7. Invite the Caterpillars, Bees & Bumble Bees. How about if we invite ALL insects to join in being nourished by the rain from Water magnetized by love, gratitude and respect? How about if we imagine all insects, all beings of life, cherished by everyone?
8. Lastly – Invite all humans to experience the Water on the planet magnetized by love, gratitude and respect, available abundantly to all humans and bringing about a result of all humans knowing they are loved and cherished.

Take a few moments each day to go through the steps. The entire process can be accomplished in a matter of minutes or you may take a bit longer if you like. Taking a few minutes each day is particularly powerful. I encourage you to allow yourself to really feel and listen to the beings of Nature – allow them to acknowledge you for your focus and passion. Take in their love and acknowledgement as it brings even more love, gratitude and respect to the world when you allow yourself to truly experience it. 

Thank you for your partnership in crafting a new world!

With love & gratitude,

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