Hello Dear Friends,
I am continually moved and touched by the communications I hear of from my students each week. Certification Students share their notes with me. I received notes today about a couple of my new students who met via telephone to do some animal communication together as a part of their training. Students join the program from many locations around the world so they use conference and live video programs which make it possible to meet toll free. (We are so fortunate to have such great technology.) Here’s a link to the program: Animal Communication Certification
As a part of their training I guide students in talking with animal family members who have passed on and other animals they have known in their lives. They talk with animals who have passed on in class, while working with their colleagues from class, and in communications they do on their own. It is actually quite simple to do and they can do this no problem in their very first class session.
The desire to talk and availability to do so never ends for those beloved animal family members we so adore. They miss being in our physical presence and want to stay in touch. They literally want to be touched and our way of doing it is to be in communication giving them the opportunity to share whatever they wish and to even request things of us. They LOVE this!!! As we go along in the Animal Communication Certification program I encourage students to talk with any animals who come to mind from their past. These animals are a big part of their training as the animals clarify events of the past, they share how and what they are doing now, they share where they are and they even share if they would like to reincarnate, or if they already have. Communicating with them gives them a chance to be in touch. They LOVE to talk and to stay in touch with us. Animal communication is so healing for the animals and it gives students an opportunity to heal as well. Communication with animals is such a rewarding and healing experience for the animals and for clients and students, I LOVE it! And, I LOVE to share it!!!
Two new students met together by phone for the first time as a part of the training they do on their own outside of our live online class sessions. They excitedly shared with me their notes and the fun they had. They talked with a number of animals including one of the students horse who had passed on. The students were blown away by how ecstatic the mare was to connect with her person again and to know they can now continue to talk whenever they like. Then one of the students talked with the other students dog who had passed on a year ago. The dog wanted to be sure his woman knew how much he loved it that she continued to talk with him throughout her days. He shared how much he adores her and how cherished and loved he felt by her. Being in touch with our beloveds is so heartwarming!
I feel blessed to be in the presence of such love and joy! Thanks to my AWESOME students, and AWESOME clients for all of our amazing adventures!
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