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Nature Communication Adventures with Maia Kincaid Ph.D.

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Have extraordinary communication with animals, plants, sea life, insects & the Earth! 

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A yearlong adventure in Nature communication! 

In nearly every realm of our lives listening to Nature can inform us from her vast experience and wisdom. Nature communicators have the opportunity to be at the forefront of a new and exciting age of living. The conversations you have, which are so fun and fascinating, can at the same time be transformative for humanity and life on the planet.

Through your work in Animal and Nature Communication you can make a tremendous difference in the World. You will be amazed at how natural and simple it is to talk with Trees, Plants & Animals. Your mastery of the communication will come simply through having one fascinating conversation after another. Through this joyous experience of talking freely to Trees, Plants, Animals, Insects and the Earth you will discover and develop your natural confidence. The more conversations you have the more confident you will become. The program is designed to bring a multitude of conversations over the year with a vast array of individuals and whole species from our neighbors in Nature.

In these sessions Maia will work with you in a small dynamic group. She will guide you step by step to discover and deepen your innate ability to have two-way dialogs with animals, plants, insects and the Earth anytime you want, wherever you are. 

In addition you will have interactive exercises and communications with fellow students. Besides becoming proficient in telepathic Nature communication, you will also learn techniques for providing healing to the Earth and species when appropriate. This is a phenomenal opportunity to bring clarity and a sense of completion for yourself, others, and humanity as a whole, to traumas and mistaken beliefs of the past, giving space for a new and profound sense of ease, delight and freedom in living. And, with growing awareness of the benefits of telepathic animal communication, Nature Communication careers are now more possible than ever before!

Comments from students:
“Thank you so much for such an incredible, life-changing adventure!! I am so very grateful to and for you!!” With such love, admiration and appreciation for you, S. M. CA, USA.

“Dear Maia, You are the best teacher, instructor, coach I have ever met. Thanks again. Blessings” J. G. AZ, USA.

“Hi Maia, it’s been so great to share this journey with you! It’s so rewarding to know I am really helping people and the animals! I would never have done it without you, I am eternally grateful.” W. L. OR, USA.


Nature Communication Practical Training Modules.

1. Earth Wellness. Conversations with Plants, Insects, Animals & the Earth on the current wellness status, including what we can do, based on their insight and wisdom, to make a tremendous difference.
2. Communication with species at risk of extinction. Including animals placed on and off protection lists, such as wolves. What is their stance? What is the most powerful place for humans to stand on their behalf? Includes communication with an extinct animal species.

3. How to work with your own personal doubt, getting stopped and how to overcome what may stand in the way of clear communication and the fulfillment of your dreams.
4. Conversations with species thought to be invasive. From the Black bear who wanders into a neighborhood, to a plant or animal that takes over an island.
5. Rescuing animals, plants and the Planet. Where do they stand? Where do we stand?
6. Conversations with Nature species on your individual purpose – guidance in the discovery of your true self and your mission! What is your unique expression that has you joyously effective in making a difference in The World, and living the lifestyle you love?
7. Controversial topics. Where does Nature stand on the topics dearest and nearest to you?
8. Guidelines for communicating with fellow human beings in the realm of Nature communication: with clients, acquaintances, family, friends and legislators.
9. Nature communication as a career – a discovery of exciting new possibilities. Foundations in a new career and life!
10. Advanced Transformative Nature communication -clearing, unifying and empowering yourself and others in your life and work. Ways of being to powerfully transform conflict.
11. Nature Speaks. Nature Leadership! Transformative communication. Inspiring fellow humans to action that inspires you and fulfills your mission through Nature communication.
12. Discovery of your peaceful, powerful foundation through Nature Listening – transformative exercises to awaken your natural self.

The particular focus in developing the communication modules with regard to working with humans (in relation to Nature or animals) is in the realm of having conversations that move people to actions that are unifying and transformative, and based in compassion for all.

This program supports students in being unleashed as their true authentic selves. And, that expression has them feeling most alive and vibrant, and at the same time in that way of being which is so satisfying is where they also make the most difference for life on the planet. And, this could mean that they never say a word to anyone about anything, they simply live joyously knowing what they know from Nature, and so many wonderful things happen. Or, it could result in them being a speaker around the world or somewhere in between. The bottom line is that students experience a powerful clearing of their past, in this lifetime and all those prior, at the same time by you doing this, so many others naturally get their clearing as well. Including the Earth and the animals, the people, plants and all life on the planet!

Having Nature as your board of directors is a powerful foundation that continually creates experiences of loving life and transformation!

Thank you for your interest in this amazing program! Let us know if you have any questions. We would enjoy talking with you. 928-282-2604.

Your year begins when you sign up!

Nature Communication Mentoring/Certification Online Class Dates through 2018 (2019 Dates will be added soon!) Fridays from 3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. ARIZONA Time (May 18  June 1, 8, 15, 29  July 6, 13, 27  August 10, 24, 31  September 7, 21, 28  October 5, 19, 26  November 2, 9   December 7, 14, 21)

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The Nature Communication Certification Program Tuition Payment Options 2018.
This is a rare and unique opportunity to be mentored for an entire year, learning step by step, from the worlds master Nature Communicator, dedicated to launching the finest animal & nature communicators worldwide to bring more listening to our wise and loving neighbors of Nature and more wisdom, love and understanding to humanity. Class size is limited.

Thank you for the difference you make through your passion for animal and Nature listening!

2018 : $450.00 USD – monthly