Maia Kincaid Ph.D.

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Animal Communicator, Nature Communicator, Author & Founder of, and lead trainer for, The Sedona International School for Animal & Nature Communication and Animal Communication University. Maia Kincaid Ph.D. is a pioneer in the field of Telepathic Animal & Nature Communication with over 20 years experience working with clients and students around the world..

When asked about her beginnings in Animal Communication, Maia tells of her experience as a child, the way she looked at life and why talking with animals was so important to her, for instance in her own words:

As a child I spent as much time as possible living in the world of nature, communicating with animals, plants, insects and the earth. To be honest, as a young person, I actually did not feel like I belonged in the world of humans. I had little understanding of what people were thinking about and doing. I was drawn to animals and loved having them around me. Today, thanks to the animals, plants, insects and the Earth and all their inspiring wisdom over the years, I love being with people, and I love being human! They helped me love being human and love my life. Dogs have been some of the most loyal teachers and mentors for me over the years, but nowadays, I think of all beings of Nature as my mentors and teachers (including humans!).

What set me on this path of being a Telepathic Animal & Nature Communication Specialist at a very young age was the fact that I was sensitive to the emotional and physical well being of the humans and animals around me. There were many times where it was uncomfortable simply being, and I thought everything I experienced was my own. To give an example, when a dear friend of mine was challenged with a health problem, much to my surprise, I suddenly had an intimate understanding and sense of what this was like for him. Apart from viewing the physical body I was able to feel his emotions and see how they contributed to the physical challenges. I literally felt his discomfort, which propelled me into a journey of self discovery to understand what I was experiencing. It turned out I was communicating telepathically with individuals and also with individual cells without being aware that I was actually communicating. In time I realized that cells, organs, tissues, everything alive and the person as a whole, family as a whole and even species as a whole can communicate and do so because they want to be heard just like anyone of us wants to be heard and understood. I began to know myself as a listener and I began to explore this at an early age. I also came to realize that I could communicate remotely with people and animals from all parts of the planet, without having previously met them or seeing them in person.

Meet Maia on a podcast being interviewed by Leisa Peterson:  Play Podcast: Play in new window | Download

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