My students from around the world ask the best questions!

I just worked with this student in an hour long session for the first time last week. She’s already talking with a number of animals including her dream Pachy the elephant. She sent these questions which I thought I would share as the information may be of assistant to you in your animal communication.

Maia, I do have a couple of questions.

When I communicated about being distracted by a car during our session you mentioned there is a exercise that may help with me keeping focus?

When you first started were you emotional? I find myself teary a lot! I’m touched/feeling grateful which I believe these feelings are coming from. When talking with Packy (the elephant) this morning I found myself struggling with what to ask him. The response I received (from him) was “I’m here for you”…after which I burst into tears.

Dear …,

Thank you for your questions. As far as keeping your focus goes I would suggest not trying to keep your focus! Instead whenever you find yourself distracted simply notice it, smile (be kind to yourself – there is nothing wrong) accept that it is normal to have thoughts coming and going from our minds. The animals are not offended by this. They know we humans have active minds and they even find it humorous. They are not worried about it and neither should you be. Trying to focus is like trying to meditate, it just keeps you busy “trying” to do something which doesn’t really need to be done in order to talk with animals. Think about this, when you talk with fellow humans do you work to focus on talking with them? Or, do you quiet your mind in advance of having a conversation with a fellow human? Most of the time probably not. And, if you are focusing on quieting your mind while you are talking with someone will you be listening effectively in those moments? The best thing is just to be present to the moment whatever is happening and if you get distracted simply bring yourself right back. I is like talking with friend at a coffee shop and being suddenly distracted by something going on. You simply say: “Excuse me, what was it your were saying?” When having two-way dialogs with animals it is the same, simply get back into the conversation. Your friend is not upset with you and neither is the animal.

As for your question about feeling touched and feeling emotions; when I first started I did feel emotions and I still feel emotions. In the beginning when I felt the emotions I often would stop and not communicate more because I felt so full and complete and so amazed at what I experienced. We feel so alive having conversations like this. I never had experienced that kind of aliveness before so it was truly remarkable. It is deeply touching in the experience itself in addition to the kinds of things we become aware of about life, and about ourselves. It is so moving being close to the animals in this way. Sometimes we are speakless in these moments and cannot think of a thing to talk about or a question to ask. You can ask them in these cases to please help get a dialog going between you. They may ask you a question or remind you of something. They love to remind us of who we are at the core of our being and what we stand for, what makes us smile inside and out. I am still touched on a regular basis experiencing my own communications and those of students on our class calls. What we learn from the animals and the transformations which occur within us and them, through having two-way dialogs with them, is truly magical. Nothing is scripted, it is a live moment of life to really sink into and enjoy.

I hope this helps with your questions … You are doing great!!! I am touched by your communication with Pachy the Elephant. He is smiling big!

See you in class!

With gratitude & love,

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