Dear Friends and Partners in our Partnership on the Rights of Nature,

Thanks to those many of you attending our Commons Cluster Meeting on Reviving Ancient Ways of Regenerating the Earth with our two inspiring speakers, Dr. Anne Poelina and Frank Heckman.

Here is a copy of the recording of that session: : My apologies for the sound quality at the beginning. I am still learning the system. I have listened to the recording several times and the content is well worth the effort.

New horizons open up as we consider how indigenous peoples, pastoralists, herders, tribes people, small scale farmers and development workers are reaching across oceans to share their wisdom and best practices with one another. And the future beckons us as we join with them to build a collective consciousness, collective narrative and collective wisdom as a way of empowering every human being for life, while learning from the memories of our waters and lands, as Anne and our Hopi water-gatherers are doing.

In which many ways can we join and nurture this meeting of minds and hearts of people, who are empowering themselves and finding one another through their rootedness in Nature?

Myriad ways were discussed by Anne and Frank and we have placed some of their remarks on You are cordially invited to add your suggestions on this communal writing pad for creating a world in harmony with Nature.

The UN web site mentioned during the session was This gives much information about geographical areas where Nature has been given rights in human legal systems. It also lists a wide variety of legal, educational and other activities by people who see that “living in harmony with Nature is not a matter of saving the Earth; it is about saving humanity”, as Anne put it so aptly.

Hoping to work more closely with you all,

(Dr. Lisinka Ulatowska, Coordinator Commons Cluster of the UN NGO Major Group.)

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