Yesterday I worked with a new student named Patty. I had never met her in person before, but I talked with a few of her cats over the years. I was delighted when I saw she had signed up for one of my classes. The next thing you know we were meeting on my conference line for her very first animal communication class!
After saying normal hellos and catching up I asked Patty if she had any concerns about the class or any questions. She confided in me that she was a little nervous and had some concern she couldn’t do it – animal communication that is. I said, “Patty, let me ask you a question. Is there something you currently do, or something you have done in the past which you do with great ease, confidence and joy?” She immediately said yes and began to enthusiastically share with me a type of work which I thought was very interesting. Years ago she worked with teenagers bringing new awareness and possibilities by reading them letters from their parents. These were love letters she read, from the parents, to their teenagers. Some of the teenagers had never heard their parents say they loved them out loud. Sometimes it was a big surprise to the young people to hear how much their parents cared about them and what they had to say. I was moved and inspired thinking of the many possibilities which could transpire for the young people and their parents by participating in a process of communication like this.
As I was thinking about this I wondered how Patty felt as she was preparing to do the work, and as she was actually reading the letters. Did she feel confident and knowing when she was doing it? The teenagers did not know they were going to be receiving love letters from their parents, let alone having them read aloud to them by Patty. As she was preparing for her work with the teenagers she felt anxious at first and wondered if she could really do it well and how it would go. She did not know how they would respond to what she read. She felt a tremendous sense of responsibility on her shoulders. She found herself focused on her performance and questioned her ability to handle whatever happened or didn’t happen for the young people. She felt uncertain in the unknown of what was to come.
In preparation for her work she shared how she would ask for help, and volunteer herself to a higher wisdom and purpose. Once she asked for help she would shift from anxiousness and concern about what would happen into a sense of being which gave her confidence without any assurance of any details about what was to come. The act of asking for help gave her an overall knowing that all would be OK one way or another, no matter what happened.
After asking for help she noticed she had a shift in her focus moving from how she could do what she was about to do into a simple attentiveness in the moment to make a difference or serve. This new focus gave her the capacity to allow all the details and everything to be managed and guided by a more knowing source. This made it possible for her to simply be attentive to the moment for directions and guidance one step at a time.
After hearing about this work she did and her process of doing it, I smiled and thought this was so appropriate and meaningful for what we were up to next which was to take her right into communicating with animals consciously for the very first time. I was able to share that talking with animals is very similar to talking with teenagers and other humans. In talking with fellow humans we generally just jump in and start talking without thinking about it and generally it goes well. With animal communication there is often the idea there is a lot of preparation needed, or a particular state of being we need to achieve which actually could be difficult. It may take a lot of time too. Meanwhile from my perspective and experience communicating with animals is often even more straightforward and to the point than talking with humans. When we set aside those human concerns about how to do it, and just jump in and do it, we discover it is a truly natural thing we do, and it is actually quite simple.  We can even ask the animal for help. They tend to like to be in charge anyway and whether we know it or not they generally run the show so will run the communication too. And, that is what we want, we want their point of view. So really all we need to do is show up to serve them through our listening and let the details unfold simply by being attentive in the conversation moment to moment much like you may be attentive when you have one of those memorable conversations with a good friend.
After our chat about this important work Patty was doing, and with a little guidance along the way she was able to jump right into a conversation with her cat, Gabby. Next, I led her in navigating conversations with my three cats, one after another. Patty never met my cats before but through telepathic communication she was able to really get to know them and share with me their personalities. Simone had jumped on my desk at the beginning of our call and she was staring into my eyes while waiting her chance to participate. So, I asked Patty to talk with her and so Patty asked Simone a number of questions about herself then she shared with me what it was like for her to get to know Simone. Patty said for Simone everything in her world had to be on her terms and in her timing. That was so so true of her! To give you an example, Simone loves to be petted and will purr and look at you with the most adoring, appreciative eyes. Just when she appears to be in the deepest bliss she will suddenly strike out and give a defiant look warning that there is to be no more touching. I smiled knowing Patty was doing so well in her very first class!
Next she talked with my kitty Thai and Patty immediately shared how sweet, loving, and open Thai is. This is so so true of Thai, she is a love bug and can never have too much petting and affection from her people! Then, she talked with Kato and right away Patty commented on how Kato loves affection but he also likes being aloof. So true! Besides talking with each individual cat I asked her to inquire with them about their relationship with one another. Within a few moments Patty summed it all up shared with me just how their relationships are
Then next, I asked her to talk with my horse Delight. She shared what a big heart he has and his loving spirit. Next we talked with a horse Patty knew and loved from the past which she worried about. It was during her divorce many years ago that she had to rehome this precious equine who she felt so deeply bonded with. It was heartbreaking to let go of her dear horse but she felt she had no choice she had to separtate from her husband and this seemed like the only way. Meanwhile over the years she worried about where her horse went and the kind of life she had. I guided her in saying hello and the next thing you know Patty was able to really listen to this horse and get clear of some confusion and some of the heartbreak which she held in her beliefs about what happened at the time. This noble horse understood what happened and felt nothing but love for Patty. She went on to tell Patty that she had a really great new home and a great life. The word she used most was “treasured”. She was treasured by her people just as Patty treasured her. Her horse asked her to carry on with more chats in the future. Then we found ourselves talking with a very precious cat from her past she adored and missed terribly. And then we finally came back around to talk with her delightful cat who is with her now to learn about some specific details of his behavior. For Patty it was a truly amazing experience to go from not knowing if she could do it at all to talking in depth with seven animals. For me it was another reminder of how simple Animal Communication is and how healing and joyous a conversation with an animal can be for us and for them.
My purpose in sharing this is to inspire you to set aside your concerns about how to do animal communication and just jump in and do it! You can instantly step out of a mindset or belief you cannot do it or that it is difficult by asking for help and being willing to just be attentive to the moment. The Animals will give you instructions and guidance as you go along, much like a native speaker of a language you are learning will give you coaching on how to communicate as you go along. You are not alone! You are well supported in your animal communication by the animals themselves and by me.
I was looking over my notes and realized we actually talked with 8 animals! Patty asked if we could talk with her friends dog who was having some health issures. We talked with him and learned about how he was feeling and what would have him feeling better. She did fantastic with her communication of course because she has the natural ability just like you!
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