I am often asked to talk with missing animals, especially cats and dogs. This evening I talked with a kitty named Tantu (name changed to protect his privacy and that of his person).

I received this note from Kathy who is a friend of the woman who is missing her cat:

Maia, I was wondering if you could get anything from these attached pix?

Hello Kathy, I would be delighted to talk with this adorable kitty. Kathy, I don’t use photos to talk with animals, but I did enjoy seeing photos of him wearing his harness. He is absolutely precious! (Many people believe it is necessary to see an animal in person or at least a photo of an animal in order to talk with them. It is actually not necessary to see any photos or to see an animal in person. We (anyone) can talk to any animal around the world without having met them in person or seen a photo. This kind of communication is more like talking with someone on the phone. We get to know the animal quite deeply through dialoging with them back and forth just like how we talk with a fellow human being over the phone. 

Here are the notes I received about the cat and the situation:

“His name is Tantu and he’s been missing for about a month now and his guardian has been searching frantically for him. I am hoping he has not perished, maybe someone picked him up or he is hurt or lost? Hoping he will return home? He is only 1.5 years old and it is tragic he’s been missing so long. If you get anything, would be appreciated so I can give this woman some hope.”

Dear Kathy,
Well, Tantu wanted to talk now (instead of tomorrow) so here is my dialog with him. 

Tanto asked me to share: Kathy, please pass along to Tantu’s woman that although for us humans missing our cats for a month can be like an eternity of suffering. For a cat it actually isn’t that long to be missing and certainly is not indicative of harm having come to them.

Kathy, this is Maia, please send along my love to her.

Here’s my dialog with Tantu:
Tantu, how are you doing boy?
I am doing well! I am very focused on my adventures right now. I am hunting, playing, climbing trees, digging in the earth, spraying bushes, pooping in the earth, meeting cats, sneaking food, laying in the sun, rolling in the grass, hiding in the bushes ~ I’m having fun being a cat!

Tantu it is good to hear that you are doing well! I feel your enthusiasm for your adventure and your joy in being free! Meanwhile your woman is super worried and upset. 

What would you like me to tell her?
I ADORE my woman!!! I want her to know she is my everything and as I am hers! It upsets me that she worries but I am doing what I need to do right now. I would of course like to return to be with her. I don’t want her to give up on me. I love her so much! I feel her love for me and feel so cherished and adored. It may be difficult for her to understand my need to be free for a bit. I am feeling fulfilled in my purpose and completing what I need to do. I do want to return for sure. I ask that she continue to look for me but most of all talk to many people about me sharing from her heart. I will be seen and I believe I will be found. I’m not quite ready to be found yet, but I could be ready at any time.

Can you get home on your own?
I’m not sure because I have gone round and round in circles in an area. I believe I am not too far away. I think we can find each other by her networking creating a team of people in the community who are on the look out for me. Sometimes I am out in the open where people may see me, other times I hide but eventually I believe we will resume our adventures together again with the help of the eye, ears and hearts of the people working together to share sitings of me. I feel rather important, famous actually! It’s pretty cool!

Do you want to come home?
Yes, I do but if you asked me if I would say exactly where I am at this moment I would hesitate and change the subject because as much as I miss my woman and our life there together I am LOVING my adventures out of doors! I feel my roots, my true essence, my joy in being in the dirt, up the trees and moving about on the land.

Are you near home?
Yes, I believe so.

Are you getting enough food and water?
Yes, I am doing well in that area! Sometimes I’m hungry but mostly I feel satisfied.

Have you been injured?
No, I am doing well.

Are you with a human or a human family?


Are you indoors?


Are you trapped anywhere?


Are you free to come home as you wish?


Dear Kathy, there is one more thing Tantu shared. He says it will be helpful if his woman settles down as much as possible because that way she will be able to find him when he is ready. He says she is all over the place with her emotions and it makes it difficult to connect with her. The more she can do things at her home and think of the home, clean it, organize, eat, get some rest, drink water, take care of herself … the better it is for her and for him. He says he is like a teenager or young adult out finding his independence. (As a human being and being crazy about cats, I would be a wreck so I am not in any way putting her down by sharing what he is saying. I have utmost compassion for her and I feel the love she has for Tantu and the love he has for her.) Tantu says he is focused on his freedom and having a good time at the moment. (A situation like this is terribly upsetting for us Cat Moms and Cat Dads to deal with but that is the situation.)

The good thing is Tantu says he is doing well and ultimately wants to come home. He says the best thing is if she keeps looking and engaging neighbors and community members to help her keep a look out for him. Meanwhile he says it is important for her to keep taking breaks to focus on herself and other things. This will be helpful to him in having a focus to come home. For instance he says because of her worry he feels her with him every step of the way, but that is not so good for her and could prolong his outing. If she starts to put her focus on other things even for a moment, then he will feel her drifting and then he says he is more inclined to come back. As it is all she can focus on is him that makes it so he experiences her right there with him all the time while he is out and about, and so he does not miss her as much. This is what he is sharing with me Kathy for you to share with her.
Thanks again Kathy!
With love & gratitude,

Thank you Tantu!
I will pass this along to your woman.

Thank you, Woman!

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