I received this email from a wonderful woman, Eleanor White who I admire because like me and many of our readers she feels a tremendous love and appreciation for animals and really wants the animals to know this and receive love and blessings for who they are and all they do for us humans. She had a great idea which I believe should be widely shared:

Maia –

From time to time, I’ve wished I could broadcast a message of heartfelt thanks to various animal species.  Akin to a radio broadcast.

For example, a HUGE thanks and a hug to every bee on the planet for their very hard work in keeping the ecosystem humming along.  To let them know that many humans love them.  (Bees struggling through our subzero winters here, for example!)

A huge thanks and a hug to every horse and other beast of burden for the incredible hard work they have done for humanity, even though humanity has often made them suffer terribly in return.  To let them know that many humans love them.

Or huge thanks and a hug to every earthworm for their work in keeping the soil and plant world in great shape.  To let them know that there are humans who love and respect them.

Or our love to marine life, whom we tend to forget are sentient beings just like us.  To let them know that there are humans who love and respect them.

Or thanks and admiration to each species of great beauty for just being themselves, and that they are
VERY much appreciated by humans.  (E.g., song birds, geese, swans, butterflies, squirrels and chipmunks, whales and dolphins, etc.)

Maybe even a general message of friendship, peace and respect to our “cousins” the bigfoot people?

If animal communicators can make such “broadcasts” using their abilities, I can’t help but wonder if there would be a fair number of clients who would want to arrange for sessions with animals they would love to send a big THANK YOU to.

Just an idea, for what it may be worth.

Eleanor White

Dear Eleanor,
This is a BEAUTIFUL idea and makes such a difference to these species when we do this and it is healing for us too! I love what you have shared and my only addition would be that it isn’t necessary to have an animal communicator to convey the message as these animals hear all of us whether we believe we are getting through to them or not. In my classes I frequently have my students pause to say hello to the entire Animal Kingdom, the Family of Plants, Association of Insects and Mother Earth to send our love, gratitude & profound thanks for their love, wisdom and patience with us human beings and thanks for all they do. We also ask them for guidance on how to be most effective protecting them, respecting them and living in harmony with them.
Thank you for sharing this and for being a partner in broadcasting gratitude and love!
With tremendous gratitude & love,
Bless you for all you do, Maia.

The problem is, most of us out here in non-
communicator-land can’t RECEIVE ANY
CONFIRMATION BACK on our own. That
makes a big difference to me.
So as I can afford it, I plan to ask Jeri to
do the broadcasting for different species
and let me know what sort of feedback
she senses.
Finest blessings,
Eleanor White

Dear Eleanor,
With a little training you yourself can hear back from the animals. Please join me in my free Nature communication class and I would be delighted to have you join me in the next meeting of The Animal Listening Project Class and we can work specifically on this topic. There is nothing like hearing from the animals yourself!
I will send you and invitation with the call in details.
Thanks again Eleanor!
With gratitude & love,
Maia Kincaid Ph.D. Bringing Animal & Nature Communication to the World Since 1997!


P.O. Box 4761
Sedona, AZ 86340

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