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Talk with this animal. Refrain from trying to find out what type of animal this is. That is Not our objective and minimizes the value of the exercise. Instead, if you have any ideas about what type of animal it is just write it down and then clear the canvas and go back to just being with the animal to get to know WHO he is. Besides getting to know this animal ask these questions from his person: Do you love your daily walks? Would you like to walk more often? Do you like to be picked up and held? Do you like to cuddle? If so, what's your preference with regard to being close to your human? Ask about his general preference with regards to two foods. Which does he prefer in general? food 1 or food 2
Posted by Maia Kincaid
Asked on August 12, 2018 10:00 pm

Personality- Lot of feminine energy as part of the personality in-spite of having a physical form of a male. NURTURING and CARING nature. Cares a lot about ALL beings around him.

Do you love your daily walks- Yes, but I would want them more often.

Do you like to be picked up and held- ”What do you think???, I make it very clear and obvious whether I am comfortable at that moment or not with the position and grip or even the human holding me.”

Do you like to be cuddled- ”I don’t like it immediately after eating I like it when I am asleep it reminds of a mother holding on to her children while they are sleeping keeping them safe and sound. Don’t grab me suddenly and start the mushy talk, that frightens me. Just whisper my name, place your hand slowly over my head and caress. If I am okay with I will move closer to you.

Definitely FOOD 2.

Posted by Divya Sanbhwani
Answered On August 19, 2018 8:50 am

he adds that he would like his human to be with him…by his side.. he wants an equal relationship…not merely an emotional one…his place in the family is one that wishes to be honored.

Posted by roop
Answered On August 17, 2018 9:09 pm

a calm, contented, self assured being…small to medium in size, beady eyes, feisty spirit, knows his way around life, is comforting to be with …very trusting presence…enjoys a touch and cuddle but they need to be brief. Is loving but in a detached way…like that of a sage….or an evolved being…who would give n receive just what is enough and do what is needed in a rather matter of fact manner. A no-fuss guy. He wishes for a bit of variety with his food…it gets boring otherwise..
he enjoys his walks, would like longer walks…loves the sharp, vigilant.
i see him running ahead of me, leading the way n i ask him how he views life…he responds by saying life is short and so i dont take it seriously… i would like my human to experience the essence of that. lighten up!

Posted by roop
Answered On August 17, 2018 8:57 pm

Mystery Animal 1 – I see him walking, with short legs, walks in leaves. He walks, then goes into a short run, then walks again. He likes the feeling of starting to run, the impulse. He likes the walks, likes to be off a leash, free. He likes the beautiful view, enjoys it. He is happy in a calm way, cheerful, content, quite balanced. He keeps hearing the sound of metal of something around his neck. He likes drinking water from a stream or river. Self-contained. There is like a buffer between him and the humans / outside beings. I see him alone, enjoying nature. He loves walks, could walk anytime, and prefers movement to being still. Picking him up: He feels a bit awkward, and prefers being on ground than in air, also feels not well supported if picked up, uncomfortable, unsafe. He prefers being stroked on the ground. Cuddles: Just quickly, doesn’t like to be ”immobilized” too long, and especially not having his ears covered or touched – survival instinct. He will not fight, but hold still until people stop holding him. He likes humans, but to have a distance between. His job: Helps with the health of humans, going for walks, looking after their well-being. If they keep a bit of a distance, he can help them and come to them when needed. He is self-contained, doesn’t need affection, he feels more in charge of the household – does his job without fuss. It is easier if humans wait until he comes to them, when it feels right for him. Because he is working all the time, being busy, and doesn’t like to be interrupted, but comes when he has time. Foods – 1 o2 2 – Both, slight preference of 2, but wouldn’t want to miss 1. Message: Life is ok. He’s got it under control. Would liek them to acknowledge his contribution to their life. Feels like a widower, like he’s had a partner, now on his own, making the best of it. Now his fulfillment lies in looking after the household. He enjoys time out at the river, I see him looking at the fish.

Posted by Tina
Answered On August 16, 2018 8:38 am

I love his gorgeous smile; he greets me and leaps up, so excited and grateful for the company, a nice silky coat too; a joy to be with.
Do you love your daily walks? I LOVE my daily walks..
Would you like to walk more often? Yes I would but my folks are busy I know, lots to do and I wait my time.
Do you like to be picked up and held? On occasion I don’t; it just depends, but mostly yes, but not smothered.
Do you like to cuddle? Oh yes I crave a cuddle – now and again hehe.
If so, what’s your preference with regard to being close to your human? I like sitting on their lap or being next to them on a sofa, sofa chair.
Ask about his general preference with regards to two foods. Which does he prefer in general? food 1 or food 2 chicken or fish steak? he prefers chicken..because you can have anything with it…grilled is especially tasty!

Posted by Glen
Answered On August 12, 2018 11:50 pm