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Get to know Mundy. What's his personality like? What do you notice about how it is for you to be with him? Ask him if he has any requests and anything he would like you and his caretakers to know.
Posted by Maia Kincaid
Asked on August 12, 2018 9:53 pm

He waved his ears in happiness…..very beautiful happy and young child like..he expresses his happiness at being rescued from poachers and well taken care..he sent me a picture of tall trees and plenty of green grassy patches with humans working around…loves to play with water while being given a bath….shows me happily spraying water with his trunk….and also waving his ears in joy while eating…….sends loads of love and gratitude and healing energy to his caretakers….he is very contented with his present life …Knows that his caretakers take a lot of effort to raise money for taking care of him…….also sends gratitude to people who donate for him……loads of love to me as well for connecting with him….asks his caretakers not to worry and things will be fine..he is here to spread message to humans to conserve their wildlife as it very important for their existence…..and does miss his parents immensely……..expresses sadness at other kids who also have lost their parents to poachers…man himself is the cause for his destruction he says….

Posted by Sudha Chebium
Answered On September 4, 2018 5:49 am

Munday LOVES the color blue.
Personality of a baby or an adolescent elephant, notorious and fun.
Super happy and thrilled to meet new people and animals.
Loves to invite ALL for play with her.
Greets me with ears flapping in excitement and pure joy. Giggling sounds. Enthusiastic lots of energy within.

Loves to knock down and play rough with other elephants.
Doesn’t know her father, adores her mother.

Does not stay with her mother. Misses her a lot.

LOVES DIRT!! Absolute FAN! Goes crazy and dives right in.

Sends out kisses and hugs to me telepathically as a goodbye.

Totally a free-spirited animal! Loved talking to Mundy.

Posted by Divya Sanbhwani
Answered On August 19, 2018 9:10 am