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A skull of a Pyrenean mastodon, Gomphotherium pyrenaicum, a relative of elephants and mammoths was unearthed in July of 2018 in France. This is the only skull ever found of this species which lived 11 to 13 million year ago. Thank you, Annette for sharing about this animal! Let's meet this particular animal who was found on a farm near Toulouse. Get to know the personality and ask any questions you like, including how was it to live back then, how did you die, and what would be helpful for us humans to know?
Posted by Maia Kincaid
Asked on August 13, 2018 1:49 pm

The Woolly Mammoth I meet shows his surprise: Wow, it’s been quiet for so long, and now several people want to talk with us. They feel pleasantly surprised, chuffed. Says that usually people even doubt that they really existed, like mythical creatures. I tell him that I’ve seen a mammoth’s tooth. He lets me jump up on his back, starts to walk quite swiftly, then galloping, to show he can, even though he’s so big – says he can go long distances, without getting tired. ”Coast to coast with a Mammoth” – that would be an adventure. He likes the long teeth being stroked, helps me down to the ground. Message: ”People should travel more, see other cultures, be more interested in differences. – Celebrate Differences ! That is the main message. First to know your own ways and characteristics, then it is easier and more interesting to meet others. ”Know thyself”

Posted by Tina
Answered On August 16, 2018 8:16 am

Mastadon: smaller than I had imagined; very spirited, no farms back then he said, very marshy area…taller green grass; hard to live, we lived in small herds, in patrols to fend off predators and to deter them, always a status of anxiety…death was due to bacteria – changing its form – ”Reflect on yourself, trust in yourselves, happy energy, love transforms”.

Posted by Glen
Answered On August 15, 2018 6:44 pm