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Get to know Enoch. Notice what it is like for you to be with him. What's his personality like? Does he like to engage with his humans? Does he enjoy having other humans around? Does he love his food? Would he like to eat more often than he currently does?
Posted by Maia Kincaid
Asked on August 12, 2018 10:03 pm

As I connected with him, instantly got an image of a black cat with green eyes staring back at me, smelling for something suspicious. Enoch reflects a strong and aggressive personality.

Getting to know him- He shares a visual of him liking to sleep on higher spots to see the whole space at once. He resists touch, but is most of the times moody depending on whether he would like to be stroked then only would sneak up slyly to his family members and purr for attention.

What’s it like to be with him- Maintains distance from me. No purr, more cautious of my movements and non-verbals with constant stares.

Does he like to engage with his humans- Depends completely on his mood. SUPER MOODY. It’s on him NOT THEM. HE IS THE BOSS. Unless there’s a treat involved, he says, then that changes everything.

Does he enjoy other humans around- Other than his family no. He likes to be with himself, he grooms himself only when his humans are around because that’s when he feels it’s okay to be vulnerable and not be on a watch. If there are strangers present, he prefers to take the ”higher chair” (as he puts it) and watch them.

Does he love his food- ”Depends on a lot of things. If I am hungry then I eat whatever is served to me because my stomach is empty. If I am still full from my last meal, I spend my time throwing a tantrum and rolling my eyes at the food.


Posted by Divya Sanbhwani
Answered On August 19, 2018 8:27 am

enoch is like a tiger on the prowl..proud,craves and enjoys attention, loves being in charge…he feels complete in himself…so though he enjoys the company of humans, he is okay by himself… he chooses his human company with care…i sense a deep wisdom of understanding human needs and he takes immense pride in that. looks like enoch meets a number of people on a regular basis and gets to interact with them and know more about them….this is his regular activity.
he is comfortable with his food though a bit of variety would be welcome…he would like a smaller meal in addition …probably a snack.

Posted by roop
Answered On August 15, 2018 8:21 pm

First of all Enoch guided me to find out the meaning of his name…He points out to prayer vibrations at home….People gathering for prayer meeting and also a male figure like a priest or a rabbi….Association with female energy….A female sitting on a sofa and stroking him…enjoys it a lot…Also loves getting attention when people gather at home…Says he is grateful for being a rescue…His Humans give him healthy food…likes wet food…any special diet for not being well? White colour representing peace and love is associated with his personality..sits by a window….he is quite a social cat…

Posted by Sudha Chebium
Answered On August 14, 2018 7:23 am

Enoch comes across like a little tiger in coloration, some stripes..he is majestic, assertive, he has wisdom. No he doesn’t like to engage with humans or his humans, at least he takes his time; I like to boss humans around, that is my fancy !! Yes he loves his food, especially if it is running around – he is very inquisitive and doesn’t miss a thing. He doesn’t like ”stale” food…he said this is bland boring dry food….give me wet morsels haha! He said he is satisfied with twice a day meals…he wanted to scarper off then and be out and about…hehe..he is funny, so adventurous…”ebullient” came to me..He said at the end ”You got me!” Glen

Posted by Glen
Answered On August 12, 2018 11:40 pm