Animal Communication – What is it?

Animal Communication Orson & Maia Kincaid Ph.D. Animal Communication World

Maia Kincaid, taking notes while talking with the wise and lovable Orson

Telepathic Animal Communication is just that, it is communication with an animal that happens telepathically without the need to be there in person with them. It works similar to using a telephone, but in this case no phone, no technology is needed, just the amazing instrument of receiving and communicating, which is the human heart, mind, body and spirit in action!

Telepathic communication with an animal is actually quite similar to carrying on a dialog with a fellow human being. With humans we may share information back and forth for many purposes, including; to purchase a plane ticket, find our way when we are lost driving in a city, and to communicate deeply with a loved one. When we communicate with animals telepathically we talk with them about many things as well. For instance, they may talk about an activity they would love for us to engage with them in, they may share with us how they feel with regard to their health and wellness, and even where they hurt and what would make them feel better. They may talk about a concern they have or something which is upsetting to them. They talk about their medicines, ingredients in their foods, and their preferences. They share their wishes on their day to day life and what would make them happier and healthier. They even talk about us, their people, and give suggestions for how we may find fulfillment and ease in our lives. We can chat back and forth with them on anything of interest or importance to them or to us.

In the realm of Telepathic Animal Communication it is a wonderful thing to give animal family members their voice through an Animal Communication Appointment with a certified Animal Communicator. And, it is also wonderful to awaken to ones own natural ability to communicate telepathically with animals! Here at Animal Communication World it is our purpose that all humans have access to the love and wisdom of their animals and through appointments, classes, books, and training programs. It is our purpose that ALL animals have their voice! That means we need everyone to become aware of their natural listening ability and spread the word! Animals do Talk!!!

What’s it like to talk with an animal?

It’s a lot of fun! They generally enjoy engaging with us no matter how shy they may be because they are safe wherever they are in the physical sense and we are simply talking with them from a distance. Of course we can have a telepathic communication with an animal who is right there with us too. For instance, my kitty Thai just came running into the office being chased by kitty Simone. Rather than interfere I asked Thai: “Would you like me to pick you up and put you in your nest (her cat bed which sits on an office chair right next to mine)?” And, Thai replied: “Yes! Please put me in my nest!” If I had just picked her up without asking she may have been upset and I could have interfered with some important work the two of them were doing in sorting out their relationship boundaries.

Animal communication works nicely with wild animals as well. I was out walking my cat, Kayto earlier this morning and I looked away for just a moment (at a cat in the distance) when Kayto spotted a bird and pounced on the little guy. The bird survived thank goodness, and Kayto had the instinctual thrill of capturing it. Once free from Kayto’s grip I was able to ask the bird what he would like. Did he need some assistance? Would he like to be placed in the area right where he was found? Was he seriously injured? Did he think he would survive? Just as I received his communication that all was well and that, he was grateful to carry on, he flew away.

Kitty Thai, Maia Kincaid Animal Communicator

Thai back from her walk!

Another example where animal communication can be super helpful either through an Animal Communication Appointment, or awakening to your own ability is the area of asking your animals what they would like to eat and what would nourish them best. With our kitty Thai, a 15 year old cat we adopted about a year and a half ago, the ability to talk with her has been invaluable. Once she settled into our home, we had her examined at our local veterinarian’s office. She had some concerning behaviors, one for instance was drinking lots of water, having frequent hairballs and not eating well or consistently. We think it is a good idea to have an animal examined anyway to check their teeth and overall well being, even if an animal has no symptoms and looks fine. It turned out Thai had only 10% of her kidney function and the doctor said she was in advanced renal failure. We were devastated! We’d only had her a short while, but already had fallen deeply in love with her and the thought of losing her anytime was heartbreaking. We talked with her and she gave us some ideas which led to talking with another veterinarian we work closely with who values telepathic animal communication and she recommended a treatment for Thai. Thai was included in these conversations of course and was totally on board with the treatment plan. She also guided us in what she wanted to eat, and what would nourish her best. What she asked for was different than what is normally suggested in her case but we listened to her. When people see her they cannot believe she is 15 years old. Her coat is super silky and she is bright active and chipper. We have learned so much from Thai – with her partnership, with her voice, in her treatment, and in her life, we were successful in dramatically shifting her blood test results and her health and wellbeing. She is not only doing well, she is thriving. A couple of days ago she surprised us and started to bat a ball around the house. She has taken to sleeping in the upper penthouse of the kitty condo, she loves to attack our two younger cats and chase them around spontaneously for fun, and she likes to go out walking with me on a leash. We have stories like this with animals all the time! And, of course we have times where there isn’t a lot to be done to change the physical situation, but talking with them about what would make them most comfortable and content, and finding out what they would like and how they are feeling can be invaluable to us and to them.

How does it actually feel to communicate telepathically with animals? How do you receive and send telepathic animal communications?

It is actually quite simple and I like to think of it as being no different than having a dialog with a fellow human being. In the case of communicating with an animal however we receive the information through our own senses. For instance, we may hear them talking in our head. As we are talking with them we may have a sudden and distinct knowing of what is true for them. We may see images, including images of them doing a favorite activity, or up close of an area of their body where they are feeling discomfort. They share with us in a very open and intimate way. We get to know their personality and sometimes their playfulness or joyousness can be contagious and have us smiling!

Thank you for all your questions and for your interest in Telepathic Animal Communication!

I’m Maia Kincaid and I’ve been working professionally as an animal communicator since 1997. I LOVE what I do!!! Communicating with animals is absolutely fascinating and rewarding. I meet the most amazing people – like you! – who are deeply connected to their animals and dedicated and devoted to having everything be the greatest for them. And, I absolutely LOVE guiding people in becoming aware of and developing their own natural animal listening ability, which happens through participation in animal communication activities like: Animal Communication Appointments, Animal Communication Books, Animal Communication Classes, Animal Communication Workshops, and Animal Communication Certification Programs for training Animal Communication Professionals. My mission is that ALL humans get their gift of Telepathic Animal Communication and that ALL animals have their voice! Whatever myself or one of my colleagues can do to forward your Telepathic Animal Communication is the fulfillment of our dreams and mission all around! Thank you for being our dream come true!

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