Here’s a great question from one of my new students in the yearlong Animal Communication Mentoring/Certification Program a professional animal communication training program:
Students Question: What if you get some different information about what the animal looks like, or anything else? For instance in this case the dog Dust was listed as a Pug but you are seeing a medium to large size dog with whitish or grayish fur around the mouth.
Response: Anytime there is a discrepancy, or it seems like there is one in what you are learning from the animal vs what was either shared about them, or their person reports about them or you hear from another communicator I suggest you do this: Ask the animal directly about it. For instance in this case let’s say you are talking with a dog named Dust. You could say, Dust, I hear you are a Pug but I see a medium to large size black dog … Tell me more about how you look and why I see this dog which does not sound like the description given by your person. Usually what the animal shares will make total sense and answer your question. The more you check back on things the more your communication skills will grow.
Let me give another example of how this can work. This is one of my favorite conversations with a dog. I met him telepathically as usual and I liked him a lot right away. The dog presented himself as being confident, knowing, clever and a bit of trickster. In hearing about him from his person she talked about how timid and fearful he was and how he would tremble and act so afraid when she was with him. The reason for the appointment was to address his fearful way of being. Meanwhile, I detected no fear whatsoever in his being as I talked with him. I shared with her honestly that I did not find him to be fearful at all. She was totally surprised and said that couldn’t be. According to her he wasn’t confident at all. So, I did what the animals taught me to do. Ask him directly to help me understand this. When I asked him he asked me to ask her something. He said, Ask her how is your dog when he is at your mom’s house? What is he like when he is with her? Within a few moments she was sharing how confident he was and even cocky and into trouble and toying with her mom. As she was sharing this with me a new world began to open up for her as she realized that her doggie truly was confident and actually wasn’t fearful at all. She could really see what I had shared in action. Then she was left with the question of why he acted so fearful when he was with her. Again, I asked the dog. He said, his person was super fearful when she was with him. He went on to say she did not feel she was capable of keeping him comfortable or safe so when they were together it was a stress for her and he was simply acting the way she was being with him. After hearing that from him through my sharing with her I shared with her and then she acknowledged that the dog did not live with her (he lived with her mom) because of that very truth that she did not feel like she was a good mom. After she acknowledged her insecurity with him. Then she was able to hear from the dog (through my communication with him) that she actually was a very good mom to him it was just that she felt insecure about this. Her doubts in herself had nothing to do with the reality of how things actually were. He hoped he could convince her of how wonderful she was. She was blown away because she actually hoped to one day be a mom. For her the communication was life changing as she could look newly at her relationship with her dog, get to know who he really was and also clear a long held fear by realizing that it wasn’t true or based on any truth it was simply a belief which she had the power to change. Also, she had been experiencing a lot of stress and concern for a number of years believing her poor dog was terrified of everything, this could now be cleared.
So, what I am attempting to point out here is that hearing something different from the animal than what is expected or thought to be true can be very revealing and truly transformative. A normal reaction could be to think we are wrong or did something wrong but the truth is we simply need to ask the animal for clarity. My craziest information has turned out to be so true and so unexpected. The bottomline is we like to control things as human beings and when we are talking with animals we are in a position to surrender control to them and also to set aside our beliefs about how it should go, about who they are and even set aside what we have been told about them so that we can get to know them from who they truly are. It is helpful to get to know them like a new blank canvas. And, let them paint the picture of who they are. It can be fun to get to know people this way too, especially the ones we think we already know! Each communication is an adventure. If we look at the fact you saw a larger dog than what was expected and we ask why that is so we are off to learn something from this animal that we may not have gotten if we saw him as a Pug. I encourage you to ask him why that was and what you can learn from it.
Let me know how you do and please continue to bring your great questions!
With gratitude & love,
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