Animal Communication Mini Workshop – Accessible Worldwide!


Tuition: $95 US

Animal Communication Mini Workshop

Meet for a powerful, and fun, 3 hour long mini workshop via teleconference (or the internet) from the comfort of your home or office. Learn from world renowned Animal Communicator and Animal Communication Coach Maia Kincaid Ph.D. to initiate telepathic communication with your animal family members and animals you know in your life and those of your past. Step into a new world of conversation with animals!!!

international students may join the call toll-free via the internet.

“What an experience!  The benefits for me were:  1) overcoming any skepticism;  2) confidence that I can do it given time to build those muscles;  3) thinking about the implications of this ability;  4) and the desire to learn more and increase my ability.  Thank you so very much.  I look forward to continuing on with you.
Your online facilitation skills are excellent!  I have trained facilitators for close to 30 years. You (Maia) demonstrate all the best practices.  Not everyone excels at them as they are not naturally empathic or empathetic like you are. You teach from the heart, soul, intuition, knowledge, and personal experience.  The gifts you are offering the world are critical and valuable. Namaste,” Barbara Johnson, San Miguel de Allende

Saturday Aug 25th 11am – 2 pm SEDONA ARIZONA TIME

Friday Sept 7th 10am – 1 pm SEDONA ARIZONA TIME

Friday Oct 19th 10am – 1 pm SEDONA ARIZONA TIME

Friday Nov 9th 10am – 1 pm SEDONA ARIZONA TIME

Friday Dec 7th 10am – 1 pm SEDONA ARIZONA TIME

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