The Animal Communication Mastery Program

The ultimate purpose of The Mastery Program is to guide animal communicators & nature communicators in their careers so that they may powerfully, confidently and compassionately deliver the love and wisdom of animals and Nature to people around the world.

The program looks to see where technique, confidence building, marketing, and deepening animal, nature, and human listening will take the Mastery Student to an entirely new level of ease, clarity and confidence to share animal & nature communication, and make the kind of difference, in life, animal and nature communicators love to make.

Prerequisite: Completion of, The Animal Communication Certification Program, or The Nature Communication Certification Program, or The Veterinary Animal Communication Certification Program.

Hello Maia, I just wanted to thank you so very much for inviting me to join your Mastery Class yesterday. I feel honored. It was a great class and very helpful for me. I got some nice tips and pointers and got really inspired. I already posted a blog on my website!! It feels really good and I hope it will make a difference as they build up. I appreciate you so much and am so thankful and grateful for you and all you do! Lots of love and gratitude, C. H. CA USA
About the class:

Your program begins when you sign up!

A program to empower Animal Communicators and Nature Communicators in their careers, their communication, and in their lives.

The Mastery Program details and benefits:
Areas of focus:

1. The Communicator – Purpose of this segment of training – Elimination of any need to struggle in life. The creation of structures and daily practices which have The Communicator supported in living and working with ease, confidence and joy. Including balance in fitness, nutrition, play, enhanced human communication and fulfillment of creativity through ones unique personal expression.

2. Dealing with self-doubt. An intimate discovery of the workings of the doubting mind and how it throws obstacles in the way of your projects, process, and progress. Learn how to gracefully and speedily navigate the obstacles of the doubting mind with fun, ease and a smile on your face!

3. The Worthiness Factor. Getting to the bottom of self-doubt and resistance to receive payments for services, receive energy in general, and to be a success.

4. Marketing your Animal Communication Business & Nature Communication Business. Working with the inner communicator to create a powerful foundation for the outward expression of this work – taking it out into the world! This segment of training involves clearing anything that stands in your way of having fun sharing what you do and being effective in creating a thriving business. Become a natural at sharing what you do with clarity, confidence and delight! The marketing of your business becomes a natural expression of your joy and passion for being an Animal Communicator and what you would share anyway from your heart. Speaking naturally from your heart fulfills your purpose in being while it naturally becomes a powerful marketer for the gifts you have to offer.

5. Advertising The Animal Communicator, The Veterinary Animal Communication Professional, The Nature Communicator. Now that the foundation is solid and complete what’s the most effective way to share what you do and create a thriving enterprise?

6. Human to human communication, the client element. Develop confidence and clarity in your human communication. Take your telepathic communication to an entirely new level of transformational communication with humans. Learn how to work with people in ways that create tremendous bonds and collaboration in teamwork for the benefit of animals, and people.

7. Working with challenging people, animals and situations.

8. Consultation structure possibilities, fees and business practices.

9. Animal & Nature Communication leadership.

10. A discovery of you, The Animal Communicator, The Veterinary Animal Communication Professional, The Nature Communicator getting to know your unique style of telepathic communication and creating a lifestyle you love.

11. Fine tuning and onward development of your animal & nature listening.

12. Asking them for help. Connecting with your team of animal and nature communication support, so that you are powerfully prepared for your career with an ongoing team of animals and nature guides who love and appreciate you as you appreciate them.

In addition there is continued development in the areas of:

1. Animal & nature wellness: conversations for addressing health issues.

2. Working with rescued, and or abused animals and people involved in the animals care.

3. Conversations with pets about behaviors challenging their humans.

4. Working with lost pets and their people.

5. Conversations with animals about their particular food preferences, food sensitivities and, particular nutritional needs.

6. Preparation for the transition of death and communication with pets who have passed on, and working with their people through what can be a difficult time.

Additional program features & benefits:

1. Live Animal & Nature Communication Mastery training calls each month, led by Maia Kincaid Ph.D. Calls are meet about every other week. See the meeting schedule below.

2. Option to join the Animal Communication Consultation Clinic, training in doing Animal Communication Appointments each month, or year two of the Animal or Nature Mentoring Certification Program at an additional cost. 

3. Animal & nature communication case study work each month.

4. Optional volunteer animal & nature communication opportunities: assisting animals, plants & Earth in need. Expanding your realm of experience while making a difference.

5. The joyous discovery of your true self, and why you are here on the planet – your true purpose!

6. A new sense of ease in living.

7. Intuition development training.

8. Ease in communication with humans,

9. Transformation in your relationship with yourself, family, friends, and business associates.

10. An expanded capacity to have fun!!!

Class Time & Meeting Dates for 2018 – 2019 Your program begins when you sign up!

4​ ​p.m. – 5 p.m. ARIZONA Time

Mastery Class Dates for 2018: June 14, 28  July 12, 26  August 9, 23  September 6, 20  October 4, 18  November 1, 15  December 6, 20

Mastery Class Dates for 2019: January 11, 25  February 8, 22  March 8, 22  April 5, 19  May 3, 17, 31  June 14, 28  July 12, 26  August 9, 23  September 6, 20  October 4, 18  November 1, 15  December 6, 20

Thank you for the difference you make through your dedication to being an Animal Communicator, Veterinary Animal Communicator and or Nature Communicator!

$69.95 Monthly

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