Here’s a note to students who are launching their careers in Animal Communication!

Dear Awesome Animal Communicators,

Thank you for our call! I am inspired by what you are up to!

Lorie & Joan have agreed to make their Animal Communication Websites live!!! YAY!!!

You know this is your path but of course when beginning anything new there are concerns and questions. You have the entire Animal Kingdom to support and guide you. I am here too! Remember you work for the Animal Kingdom and they know the bigger picture of your path. You can have a conversation with any animal or the entire Animal Kingdom anytime you like to give you clarity, ease and joy in your activities along the way (whether it be about sharing animal communication or having a two-way dialog with a particular dog for his or her human).

The bottomline is authenticity! The animals continually work with us to have us show up authentically. It’s scary at times, but they really take care of us and we begin to love living in the moment without a script.

We often believe we know what our path looks like and how it should be. As I began my career as an Animal Communicator (in 1997), I felt myself being pushed and pulled (by the animals) in many directions and fought it and resisted it for a time. I finally began to surrender and realize I was working for them (they knew what they were doing and my capabilities more than I did). As I stopped resisting I began to see some different things which I hadn’t anticipated. For instance, communication with them can be absolutely effortless and crystal clear. I discovered my love for being an animal & Nature communication educator. I absolutely LOVE sharing animal & Nature communication! It brings me great joy to experience my fellow humans in the joyful discovery of their own natural ability, (there is nothing like it!) and the development of that ability along the way. The animals pushed me into this and at first (when I finally said OK) I tried teaching in a human way (with a script) and then gradually surrendered my fear of just going live teaching in the moment (letting the animals fully share their point of view and be in charge) and that is what I do today. I truly am an employee of the animals and our neighbors in Nature, and I LOVE it!!!

It is not necessary to have concern about fellow humans who do not believe animals can talk. There is no need to force anything or to prove anything. Be respectful, listen and understand their concerns and point of view. What you learn from them may make a difference for you, what they hear from you may make a difference for them. It is not necessary to change anothers point of view. Allowing others their point of view by listening can be healing and transformative all around. There are many people eager to hear from their animals, and many people eager to discover their own natural ability to have two-way dialogs. You can focus primarily on serving them.

You have your websites and other projects to move forward on, you have all the support and guidance available to you! Remember to enjoy your steps & celebrate!!!

Thank you!

With gratitude & love,

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