Dear Friends, I received an email from a student with these words in the subject line: 

Animal communication impacted my life in a huge way last week!

I often hear of tremendous experiences students and clients have when communicating telepathically with animals. Dianne’s story gives a beautiful example of the kinds of experiences we often have when we have two way conversations with animals.

Here’s a question for you: How has animal (and nature) communication impacted your life this week? Have you been having regular two way dialogs with dogs, cats, horses, trees, flowering plants, vegetables, butterflies…?

Here’s another question for you: How does it feel to you to have the ability to have a two-way dialog with an animal anytime you like?

In case you are new to telepathic animal communication, here is a list of things which are important to know:

  • You can do it! ALL humans have the natural ability to have two way conversations with animals!
  • There is no preparation necessary! How do you prepare yourself to talk with the clerk at the checkout at the grocery store? Do you prepare yourself? NO!!! And, it is NOT NECESSARY to prepare yourself to talk with animals either! (Some find it is even easier to talk with animals!)
  • There is no need to work hard to do the communication. Actually the less you “try” to do it the easier it is. Communication telepathically with animals is effortless!


In Animal Communication Class we talked with a dog named Dulce. Dianne so enjoyed talking with Dulce she went on to talk with her in her own time outside of class.

Hi Maia:
Animal communication impacted my life in a huge way last week. In particular, when we talked with Dulce, the dog, about his cancer, I noticed that I naturally wanted to send him Reiki energy to facilitate his healing process. It was amazing to me how intense the energy felt. And the next day he asked me again to send him Reiki.

With his guidance, I came to realize that not only will I communicate with the animals/nature (in the future going forward) but I will also work to heal animals and nature using Reiki and also color healing whenever appropriate.

Dianne had recently retired from doing massage therapy and many other awesome therapies, where she made a tremendous difference for so many people over the years. (I know because I am one of those people! I was very fortunate to experience her treatments and miss them!)

Dianne had been doing Reiki treatments and Color Therapy for people for many years, but now that she was retired she missed seeing her clients. I have been doing this for years, but now that I am not doing massage anymore, ( I miss my clients),

Here’s what Dianne went on to say about her experience talking with Dulce:

Talking with Dulce showed me how I can go on making a difference! (talking with any animal around the world right from my home!) I found a way to extend my healing gifts to animals and nature more directly (especially being able to ask them questions and communicate back and forth about their needs and desires. I now have new purpose/ a new mission. I have found a new outlet. Talking with Dulce made me feel excited again about what I wanted to explore going forward. I thank Dulce for teaching me that insight about myself. (How much I love making a difference for others and now I can do that in a new way which is perfect for me!)

Thank you Maia for teaching us how to communicate with animals and nature. You are so gifted and an awesome teacher.

Love and hugs

Dianne Hodges, Author
The Power of Me—Spiritual Tools for the Great Awakening

Dear Dianne,
I LOVE what you have shared about your experience and it delights me so so much knowing the power of who you are and what you are capable of with your Animal & Nature communication combined with Reiki healing and Color Therapy! I appreciate your partnership in crafting a new world living in harmony with Nature & with all species!
Thank you for your partnership and for your friendship Dianne!
With tremendous gratitude & love,

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