In this blog post I thought I would share more Animal Communication Tips! Last time I shared about how to look at the communication and how looking at it can make all the difference in the world when we go about doing it. For instance, if we think it is difficult to connect with the animal, it generally will be. I don’t even like the word connect as it isn’t that clear. I prefer the word “talk”. Anyway, if you think it is normal and matter of fact to talk with animals it will be. They will show up just as we expect so if we think it will be hard they will show us how right we are!

Today I thought I would continue on with some actual communication steps and how to get started talking with an animal.

Let’s say for instance you want to talk with a dog from the local animal shelter where you volunteer. You can simply say hello to the dog silently in your head and begin to have a conversation with him or her just like you would talk with a fellow human over the phone. You don’t have to be with the dog in the physical sense to talk with him or her. Nor do you have to have met the dog. When beginning your animal communication it is often helpful to talk with an animal … I’ll be back to share the rest soon!