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In this blog post I thought I would share more Animal Communication Tips! Last time I shared about how to look at the communication and how looking at it can make all the difference in the world when we go about doing it. For instance, if we think it is difficult to connect with the animal, it generally will be. I don’t even like the word connect as it isn’t that clear. I prefer the word “talk”. Anyway, if you think it is normal and matter of fact to talk with animals it will be. They will show up just as we expect so if we think it will be hard they will show us how right we are!

Today I thought I would continue on with some actual communication steps and how to get started talking with an animal.

Let’s say for instance you want to talk with a dog from the local animal shelter where you volunteer. You can simply say hello to the dog silently in your head and begin to have a conversation with him or her just like you would talk with a fellow human over the phone. You don’t have to be with the dog in the physical sense to talk with him or her. Nor do you have to have met the dog. For instance in our classes we meet new animals in each class session which we have never seen or met before in person. Despite not having met the animals in person we can easily talk with them and dialog back and forth much like we would talk with a fellow human being. So, let’s say you would like to talk with a dog from the local shelter, you simply say hello to him silently in your head (or aloud if you like). Then you may pause for a few moments to notice how it is for you to be with this dog. Let me give you an example from class today. We said hello to a dog named Oliver. Each one of us noticed and commented that Oliver was very calm, grounded and mature in his nature. Some said he was an older soul in that he was so comfortable and matter of fact with a kind of ease and wisdom which seemed unusual for a young dog. Remember none of us had met Oliver in person.

Hearing about her young dog’s presence being calm, grounded and mature was at first a surprise to Oliver’s person. On the surface it did not make sense that a young dog would be this way. She listened to one Animal Communicator after another (from the yearlong Animal Communication Mentoring/Certification Program) share their personal version of his way of being and personality as they got to know him through telepathic communication. She realized Oliver truly was unique for a young dog in that he actually was a very stable, grounded, wise and peaceful dog. He definitely was a wise dog for his years and what the animal communicators shared was so true. She went on to say Oliver was not afraid of anything.

We talked with another dog, Candii who had been adopted 4 months ago. Without knowing anything about Candii the animal communicators said hello to her and took a few minutes to get to know who she was. Within a few moments she let them know she was a very sweet and loving dog. She was also anxious, fearful, had walls up, was wired, energetic, likes control, can be snippy, likes things that roll on the ground like balls, and she is cautious and she was slow to trust people. She was beginning to trust her people but did not trust anyone else. She asked that her people have more patience with her about embracing the people around her outside her family. She requested more time to settle in to her new life. We passed this information on to her people for her.

I could go on and on sharing one conversation after another, of my own and of my students. Instead I will wrap up this post and encourage you to say hello to the animals in your life. Use a note pad and write down any thoughts, ideas, images or sensations you notice. With whatever you notice go back and ask the animal to speak more about each topic. For instance, let me give you one more example from today. We talked with a precious dog named Jasmine (this name is made up to protect the privacy of this dog and her person). As we said hello to Jasmine one of the class members in Animal Communication Essentials shared that Jasmine was soft, sweet, gentle, caring, sensitive, and she had deep brown eyes. The student also shared the dog was very considerate of those people and animals around her. She was friendly but not overly friendly. This student went on to say Jasmine was complaining of pain in her abdomen. Then we gave Jasmine’s person a chance to respond back about the comments she heard from her class member. Jasmine’s person was surprised to say that everything she heard about her dog was absolutely true. Her fellow student had never seen or met Jasmine before but yet was able to say hello to her telepathically and within a couple of minutes share numerous facts about a dog she could not see in front of her. Next we took what was shared and asked Jasmine more questions. For instance we wanted to know if she truly was in pain and if so what could be done to have her feel more comfort in her life. So, with whatever you learn from the animal you can check back with them to see if what you heard is in fact true and also we like to give the animal the opportunity to share whatever he or she would like to say about anything and everything.

Thank you for joining me today! Let me know If you would like to join me in a class session, as my guest, to experience what goes on there. I would be delighted! Or, if you would like to schedule a chat with me to learn more about animal communication and how to discover and, or develop your own skills schedule here: Meet with Maia

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