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News from Manjiri Latey from Pune, India graduate of The Animal Communication Certification Program!


This ancient art of interspecies telepathic communication is insightful, empowering and humbling in equal measure. Whether it’s your pet or a rescue animal you are working with, every human is capable of dialogue with these beings.

Have you ever been curious what your cat or dog has been thinking?
Have you wondered what they do while you are away at work?
If your pet has taken ill for some unexplained reasons, the animal is capable of sharing the reasons and preferred solutions with us.
Have you been curious where your pet that has passed away is? What he would be doing?
These and many such questions find answers during this workshop as we begin to communicate with animals.

About the facilitator:

Manjiri is a certified telepathic animal communicator having learnt with Dr.Maia Kincaid, author & founder of the ‘Sedona International school of Animal and Nature communication’ and Carol Gurney of the ‘Gurney Institute of Animal communication’. Manjiri has had the opportunities of working with both domesticated and wild animals, ranging from tigers, leopards and sloth bears to cats, dogs, horses, birds and trees. Her role is that of a ‘medium’ between the person and their pet and hopes to increase compassion, awareness and mutual understanding. For those who wish to reawaken their abilities in this ancient art of telepathic interspecies communication, can join us for an insightful weekend workshop:

Date : February 7 & 8; 2016

Venue : Miramar Residency, North Goa, India

Time : 9:00 am-5pm

Fees : 8,500/- ( first timers)
Fees : 4,500/- ( refreshers)

Payments can be made by cash/ Cheque or via bank transfer. Bank details can be shared with interested participants.

For queries & bookings please call us on :
9049062202 – Mrs. Bernadine Pramodan ( Goa Co-ordinator)
9822400809 – Manjiri Latey