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You have dispelled my fear that I would be a complete failure at animal communication, believing that other people can do it, but not me. Like you say, it is easy, and we all have the ability to “talk with the animals”. And what a joy that is! This is life-changing for me.



What is Animal Communication and How Can It Help You and Your Pet?

Animal Communication is just that, it is communication with an animal that happens telepathically with out the need to be there in person with them. it works similar to using a telephone, but in this case no phone, no technology is needed, just the amazing instrument of receiving and communication, which is the human heart,mind body and spirit in action!

Animals share us in a very open and intimate way. We get to know their personality and sometimes their playfulness or joyousness can be contagious and have us smiling!
it’s fun and easy and ANYONE can do it.

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Meet Maia

Maia Kincaid Ph.D.

Animal Communicator, Nature Communicator, Author & Founder of, and Lead trainer for, The Sedona International School for Animal & Nature Communication and Animal Communication University. Maia Kincaid Ph. D. is a pioneer of Telepathic Animal & Nature Communication

Maia Kincaid Ph.D. is sought after worldwide as an animal communicator, nature communicator, teacher, intuitive guide and transformational coach. She is very passionate about making it possible for all humans to awaken to their innate telepathic ability to listen to and talk with animals, plants, insects & the Earth.

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Here are some great questions from one of my students in Japan. Animals don’t have any problem being talked with by many people at once? It won’t be a burden on them? ​In my experience I have not heard any negative comments with regard to having numerous...

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