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Worldwide Animal Communication Tele-Class

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The Animal Listening Project Class!

Members are invited to attend a one hour-long group training tele-conference call per month. Audio recordings of the class are made available to members for those times when it is not possible to attend the live call and for use as a training tool.
Weekly animal communication lessons are sent via email. Training materials arrive in either video, audio or written formats each week. The class materials  are specifically designed for the active lifestyle with ease of application being a key element allowing you to be training and expanding in your animal communication abilities throughout your normal daily work and home life routine even when there is little time. A regular practice of 3 minutes a day can make a tremendous difference in the fulfillment of dreams to hear and converse with animals. And, you will see how you may develop your communication with animals in clever ways when you are communicating with people in your business and personal life and even as you are doing chores around the house. Not only will you awaken and develop your natural animal communication abilities you will be involved in a movement that is life transforming, fun and makes a tremendous difference to animals who so eagerly want to share their desires, their point of view, their preferences, and their wisdom with you through telepathic animal communication.

More information about joining!

Animal Communicator Books!

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My life has been transformed in a beautiful way by the love and wisdom I have received through thousands of conversations over the years. My mission is that all humans discover their natural ability to have conversations with animals, plants, insects and the Earth.  I invite you to join me in experiencing one fascinating telepathic interspecies conversation after another.

Reading the Animal Communicator Adventure books is an experiential journey of heart and spirit. The conversations with the animals, plants, insects and the Earth are profound and deeply moving for the reader just like they were for me.

The books open the reader up to their own natural ability to communicate with animals, plants, insects and the Earth!

“Discover the Animal Communicator in you!”

Animal Communicator Adventures:

From America’s Most Beloved Animal Communicator

By Maia Kincaid Ph.D.

Animal Communication Adventures Maia Kincaid

The Journey Begins!

The Journey Begins!

The first book of the Animal Communication Adventure Series!

More information








Animal communication: Animal Communicator Adventures: The Power of Love!

The Power of Love!

The Power of Love!

Book two of the Animal Communication Adventure series!

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Animal Communication Animal Communicator Adventures Coming Home

Coming Home!

Coming Home!

The third book of the Animal Communication Series!

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Quote from Calvin the dog

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Dogs Say the Darndest Things: Are You Listening? An Animal Communicator's Dialogs with Dogs From America's Most Beloved Animal Communicator

From: Dogs Say the Darndest Things Are You Listening? An Animal Communicator’s Dialogs with Dogs by Maia Kincaid Ph.D. America’s Most Beloved Animal Communicator

From Calvin:

Find the sweetness of humanity every day, even if it seems like a tiny thing.
Find it and feel it in your heart. It could be something on the television or radio, some good deed. It could be some kindness given to another in the market or on the highway. It is there! It is everywhere to be seen and felt because humans are basically good and kind-hearted beings. It is confusion and lack of self love that bring about unkind acts; the more that humans focus on violence, the more unkind and horrific acts will occur. Your human information-sharing is aligned toward sharing violent events and acts. But there are even more profound acts of kindness each day, yet they often fail to be acknowledged.

The vibrant health of your species depends on remembering the profound love that exists within each human and giving this love the kind of attention it deserves. We suggest that you celebrate it all the time – each day – and to welcome this truth into your reality. It resides in the hearts of all. Why not allow it to be felt and known on a wider scale? If you imagine a dog such as myself and others of my kind, the most common image is of love. We exude it and we celebrate it because that is what we are! We are love – and so are you!


Nature Communicators Graduate their Certification Program!!!

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Dev Galloway photography Nature Communication Maia Kincaid Sedona International School

Dev Galloway photograph, Sedona, Arizona

Nature Communication Certification Program comes to a close and New Nature Communicators celebrate!!!

On Saturday I met with our Nature Communication Certification Program students for our last official class meeting. Their dedication to their nature listening over the year has been inspiring and I am so grateful for the adventures we have had! We have communicated with the Earth and so many plant and animal species! We have experienced so many fascinating conversations with plants from around the world, the Earth itself, and many wild animals and animals from our families.

Sharing Nature Communication with fellow humans is such a joy!!! For me communicating on my own over the years is great, but being in the presence of another human being or a group experiencing and sharing what it is like for them is so awesome!  So, I LOVE my Nature Communication Classes and The Nature Communication Certification Program! I am super grateful to this group of nature listeners to saying yes to the program and participating with such integrity and enthusiasm!  And, now it is time to take Nature Communication out into the world!

Let me share my final assignment for these Powerful Passionate Nature Listeners of which I am forever grateful for our delightful adventure this past year! A poem I wrote in these moments of inspiration for you, in honor of your beautiful hearts!

Continue to listen to Nature!

Be her witness,
Be her voice.
Give her the satisfaction of being heard.
Celebrate her power,
Celebrate her wisdom,
Celebrate her truth!

Continue to listen to you,
Listen to your own inner wisdom,
Listen to your spirit,
Listen to what has you feeling alive and loving life!

Share Mother Nature’s wisdom and love,
Share your inspirations,
Share your celebration of nature,
Share your celebration and love of life with fellow beings of life!

Maia Kincaid Ph.D.


With gratitude & love,

2015 Time for Global Action for People & Planet!!! Yea!!!

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United Nations Sustainable Development Summit September 25- 27, 2015 click on this link to see what’s happening this week!

Nature Communication & the United Nations! Maia Kincaid Ph.D.

Historic & unprecedented new paths to honor all life and the Earth!!

Since May I have been learning more and more about the work of the United Nations and some exciting new developments for Nature and nations uniting for the good of all peoples and life on the planet! My new Nature Communication student, Dr. Lisinka Ulatowska has been working in relation to the UN for much of her life. For all the years she has been associated with the United Nations she has never been so inspired by what is going on there as she is now in 2015. Her inspiration is contagious to me and working with her to talk with the Earth and species on the planet to learn ways to live in harmony and respect with all life is my mission too! So, seeing my passion for communication with animals, plants, insects and the Earth being applied in this way, in her work with the United Nations, delights me no end!

I invite you to check out this website and what’s happening at the United Nations this week!!! 

Welcome to the United Nations. It’s your world!

Writings from the website!

2015 is the Time for Global Action

2015 presents a historic and unprecedented opportunity to bring the countries and citizens of the world together to decide and embark on new paths to improve the lives of people everywhere. These decisions will determine the global course of action to end poverty, promote prosperity and well-being for all, protect the environment and address climate change.

In 2015, countries will adopt a new sustainable development agenda and a new global agreement on climate change. The actions taken in 2015 are expected to result in new sustainable development goals that build on the eight Millennium Development Goals. Explore this site to find out more about the efforts of the UN and its partners to build a better world.

Nature Communication Applications – United Nations

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In May of 2015 Dr. Lisinka Ulatowska did an intensive Nature Communication Training here with me in Sedona, Arizona. In case you would like to know more about Dr Ulatowska’s work here are some web addresses and her titles: United Nations lobbyist – UN Rep. Association of World Citizens;
Institute for Planetary Synthesis, All Win Network

We are very excited about the use of Telepathic Communication with the Earth, plants, animals and even insects to gain wisdom and understanding on how to overcome challenges we face living in harmony on the planet. Dr. Ulatowska’s particular focus was to learn how to communicate telepathically and how to utilize the communication in her work with the United Nations. Telepathic communication as you might imagine is an experiential activity which can be deeply touching and unforgettable. When I work with students I like to utilize their particular focus as our priority in doing communication exercises. So Dr. Ulatowska went right to work on asking the Earth about the sustainable development goals of the United Nations and how to fulfill them in harmony with Nature. As she was learning to navigate the communication with my guidance she was already receiving helpful information from Nature! We were moved by the experience! I have attached links to two videos we made that week.
Video 1. A brief history of the formation of the UN and possible application of Nature Communication.
Video 2. Dr Ulatowska sharing experience of her training and the two of us sharing back and forth.