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Talking with a dog named Shady!

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Today in class we talked with a dog named Shady at the request of a relative of the person who has the dog. As usual I shared the name of the dog with my students including the questions and concerns of our client so that they would experience the kinds of situations animal communicators work with on a daily basis. In this case

Animal Communication Workshop with Manjiri Latey!

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Manjiri Latey from Pune, India graduate of The Sedona International School for Telepathic Animal & Nature Communication’s Animal Communication Certification Program with Maia Kincaid Ph.D. is becoming known worldwide as a fantastic Animal & Nature Communicator. Soon after her graduation her first clients requested she teach workshops so they too could communicate telepathically with animals. Her workshops have been a great success and she has a new workshop this February 7 & 8; 2016 in beautiful Goa, India! For more information scroll down.


This ancient art of interspecies telepathic communication is insightful, empowering and humbling in equal measure. Whether it’s your pet or a rescue animal you are working with, every human is capable of dialogue with these beings.

Have you ever been curious what your cat or dog has been thinking?
Have you wondered what they do while you are away at work?
If your pet has taken ill for some unexplained reasons, the animal is capable of sharing the reasons and preferred solutions with us.
Have you been curious where your pet that has passed away is? What he would be doing?
These and many such questions find answers during this workshop as we begin to communicate with animals.

About the facilitator:

Manjiri is a certified telepathic animal communicator having learnt with Dr. Maia Kincaid, author & founder of the ‘Sedona International school of Animal and Nature communication’ and Carol Gurney of the ‘Gurney Institute of Animal communication’. Manjiri has had the opportunities of working with both domesticated and wild animals, ranging from tigers, leopards and sloth bears to cats, dogs, horses, birds and trees. Her role is that of a ‘medium’ between the person and their pet and hopes to increase compassion, awareness and mutual understanding. For those who wish to reawaken their abilities in this ancient art of telepathic interspecies communication, can join us for an insightful weekend workshop:

Date : February 7 & 8; 2016

Venue : Miramar Residency, North Goa

Time : 9:00 am-5pm

Fees : 8,500/- ( first timers)
Fees : 4,500/- ( refreshers)

Payments can be made by cash/ Cheque or via bank transfer. Bank details can be shared with interested participants.

For queries & bookings please call us on :
9049062202 – Mrs. Bernadine Pramodan ( Goa Co-ordinator)
9822400809 – Manjiri Latey

Animal Communicators Unleashed in New York!

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Animal Communication, Maia Kincaid Ph.D. New York Open CenterIn 2015 we were invited to go to New York to teach an Animal Communication workshop at The WONDERFUL New York Open Center! The New York Open Center is an international hub of exploration in human potential and spiritual development. At the center they host classes and workshops with some of the most sought after teachers worldwide and students come to New York from around the globe as well. Visit the website to explore the NY Open Center course catalog. The center is conveniently located in Manhattan with great lodging options within walking distance.

We LOVED the New York Open Center, and we fell in love with the passionate animal lovers who attended our Animal Communication Introduction and Animal Communication & Energy Healing Workshop! If you are one of the class members reading this, thanks so much!!! We are still smiling from how you touched our hearts. Maia Kincaid Ph.D. at New York Open Center

We talked with many animals over the course of the weekend including an interesting group of cats living in one of our class members homes. Everyone did super well with their communication over the weekend even with this complex issue of working out the intricacies of cats living with one another.

Maia Kincaid with Dev Galloway, Animal Communication World, New York Open CenterIn New York we had so much fun and were inspired experiencing our students natural ability to communicate with animals. We’ve been hearing great reports since the workshop too! Animal Communicators have been UNLEASHED upon New York and the world!

Nature Speaks, and we listen!

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Telepathic Nature Communication with Maia Kincaid Ph.D. Animal Communication WorldEver since I began having regular conversations with animals, plants, insects and the Earth I have been inspired and amazed at the profound wisdom they shared, in addition to the tremendous love, patience and compassion I felt in their presence as they communicated with me. It has been my dream to share these conversations with fellow humans, but more than anything it has been my dream to have my fellow comrades of humanity experiencing their own amazing conversations!

My dreams began to come true when I started teaching telepathic animal and Nature communication classes many many years ago. Before these classes, when it came to relating with fellow humans about what I was doing, I felt very much alone. In those days it did not occur to me that anyone was interested in telepathic communication with dogs for instance. But, some people began to come into my life around 1997 and hire me to talk with their animals and ask me to teach them how to talk with animals too.

When my students experienced telepathic communication for themselves, in my classes, it amazed me how easily they began to do it. And,  like the animals so delighted to be heard at last, I was quite surprised to experience my own deep sense of satisfaction at being heard and understood.  At last I was not alone in this work – a community of animal and Nature listeners was growing around the world! They were hearing the animals now too! It was a glorious and deeply touching moment when each one realized their natural ability! Being in the presence of fellow humans receiving what seems like a new gift has been such a joy!  They experience elation in the discovery of their profound and unique connection with Nature. They often say it is like coming home, it feels so good!

Over the years the information received by myself and students has come from such wisdom and love which we believe can transform how we live life on the planet and have our species celebrating life along with all the others in a family of life which of course includes our planet, Mother Earth!

Flags of member nations flying at United Nations Headquarters. 30/Dec/2005. UN Photo/Joao Araujo Pinto.

Today as we prepare to step into a new year, 2016, I feel more inspired than ever! In May of 2015 a new student, Dr. Lisinka Ulatowska, came to Sedona to study telepathic Nature communication with me. She is as precious to me as all my students have been. And, her particular focus and passion over the years has been in working with the United Nations which brings my teaching of telepathic Nature communication to a new audience with new possibilities for bringing the communication to all humans and having us learn from Nature’s Wisdom in living on the Earth. Lisinka introduced me to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and shared that she saw more promise than ever before with recent proceedings in the UN. At last all nations acknowledged that we humans absolutely must live in harmony with Nature going forward.

The focus of our Nature communication training sessions over a 12 day period were to introduce Lisinka to telepathic communication and have her navigating conversations on her own by being guided in talking with trees, shrubs, snakes, other animals and Mother Earth with specific regard to the 17 SDG’s. She was a dedicated student jumping right in and moving past any doubts or challenges which presented themselves. Like me and all my wonderful students over the years Lisinka was blown away by what she was learning from Nature. Nature holds that ALL humans have the natural ability to talk with plants, animals, insects and the Earth, all life forms. My guidance from Nature has always been to facilitate the awakening of the listener such that they are empowered in their own communication going forward. She was just trying to navigate the communication and learn how it worked but in the meantime she was discovering answers to questions she had for her entire life. Working with her was a joy as once again I could celebrate what is possible when we talk with a tree, a coyote, a horse, the Earth! In the months since her training here in Sedona. We made a plan to have a class which would welcome participants worldwide via my favorite training vehicle, the telephone, via teleconference. We began in October and the class is growing and open to many many more participants. The objectives of the class are to:

  • facilitate participants becoming aware of their natural ability to communicate while at the same time,
  • they are having dialogs with Nature about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and gathering Nature’s Wisdom to be shared with our nations leaders for implementing a new way of living in harmony with Nature through the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals, and
  • to inspire and develop new leaders from all nations who may bring home this communication back to all peoples such that we remember and learn how to live in harmony with Nature

Class is free at this time.

If you would like to join the class please sign up here: Nature Communication as it relates to the UN SDG’s

Update on the class:

We have been communicating on a couple of Sustainable Development Goals each month. During the holidays a small group from the class gathered communications on Sustainable Development Goal 4 on education and have prepared a letter ready to send to Heads of State. We will share the letter very soon!

The class is still organizing and the focus at the moment is SDG #6 and #7. We have three minute long conversations with Nature on the goals and individual targets of the goals. We have instructions on how to carry out the communications and where to share them on our Forum and Titan Pad.

Thanks to all my amazing students and clients over the years! I am beyond words grateful and so delighted with the difference you have made for me and where we are all moving today.

With tremendous love & gratitude,


Worldwide Animal Communication Tele-Class

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The Animal Listening Project Class!

Members are invited to attend a one hour-long group training tele-conference call per month. Audio recordings of the class are made available to members for those times when it is not possible to attend the live call and for use as a training tool.
Weekly animal communication lessons are sent via email. Training materials arrive in either video, audio or written formats each week. The class materials  are specifically designed for the active lifestyle with ease of application being a key element allowing you to be training and expanding in your animal communication abilities throughout your normal daily work and home life routine even when there is little time. A regular practice of 3 minutes a day can make a tremendous difference in the fulfillment of dreams to hear and converse with animals. And, you will see how you may develop your communication with animals in clever ways when you are communicating with people in your business and personal life and even as you are doing chores around the house. Not only will you awaken and develop your natural animal communication abilities you will be involved in a movement that is life transforming, fun and makes a tremendous difference to animals who so eagerly want to share their desires, their point of view, their preferences, and their wisdom with you through telepathic animal communication.

More information about joining!